SACRAMENTO (CBS) – The US Postal Service has suspended mail delivery indefinitely on one Sacramento street due to a flea infestation.

Sherri Byrd lives in one of the dozens of affected homes on Thornhill Drive. She said she’s angry.

“I can’t pay my bills, I can’t get a hold of any of my mail,” she said. “I just think it’s ridiculous.”

Byrd filed a formal complaint with the Postal Service. Others on her block are equally miffed by the flea fears.

Robert Daikai says he’s always maintained his yard with insect killer.

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it,” said Daikai.

The Postal Service sent a letter to residents Friday explaining they would have to pick up mail at the Kiefer Boulevard post office for now.

In fact, mail delivery stopped more than a week ago.

The letter reads a postal worker and a manager were bitten by fleas on the block several times.

It continues, “We have contacted the County about this situation and have determined it to be unsafe for our letter carrier to continue making deliveries in this area.”

A Sacramento County spokesperson said they had not heard about the problem.

A spokesperson for the Postal Service said they would be contacting the District Supervisor’s office Monday.

“They go through rain, snow, sleet, dogs, everything but fleas,” said Byrd.

This isn’t the first time fleas have stopped the mail. A neighborhood in Camden, just had their service suspended for 3 weeks while the city worked out the bugs.