Sponsored By Audi On Demand

An Op-Ed by Crystal Lee — Host of “This Is SF”

I don’t have a car in San Francisco, which can be difficult (so many hills!), especially when I want to take a road trip. Luckily, I heard about this cool new app called Audi On Demand where you can rent an Audi and get it dropped off at your location by an Audi Concierge. It sounded too good to be true, so I decided to go to the source to check it out.

I met with Audi’s business manager, Ben Kellgren, at Audi On Demand Headquarters. HQ was modern and crisply decorated with framed black and white pictures of beautiful people driving in cars (I’m assuming Audis). Ben explained to me exactly what Audi On Demand offers and how it’s so easy to use. Here are the highlights:

Ben: Audi On Demand is a mobility service that allows you to book an Audi with your smartphone and have it delivered to you anywhere in SF by an Audi Concierge. We carry the full Audi lineup from smaller hybrids to SUVs. An Audi for any occasion is what’s available to you. You have options and it’s convenient because it’s delivered.

Crystal: Are you guys available on Android, iPad, tablet?

Ben: We have an iPhone app now. Any other device can use our web app, which is audiondemand.com. After you download the app, you can browse through all the available models. You pick the time, date, and place you want the Audi delivered and then the Audi Concierge brings the Audi to you that day in as little as two hours or up to six months in advance.

Audi On Demand wants to make the car rental process as seamless and stress-free as possible. I had to experience this myself, so Ben booked a car for me. Before I knew it, Arnie, my Audi Concierge, pulled up in a beautiful royal blue 2018 Audi RS3 for me. He gave me a quick rundown of all the features and I was on my way. The car was sleek, the ride was smooth, and the rental process was a breeze. If you’re in the San Francisco area and you need a car or you’d like a specific ride for whatever adventure you’re about to embark on, Audi On Demand has got you covered!


Crystal Lee is the former Miss California & the primary host of the lifestyle show, “This Is SF.” Discover all the best businesses San Francisco has to offer by catching us on KPIX. Ch 5 (CBS San Fran) & KBCW Ch. 44 (CW-San Fran).