SANTA ROSA (KPIX 5) — A North Bay girl has been making a big impact in little league baseball, excelling to the point that she is about to receive a national award.

Kailee Diaz-Randall is the only girl and the star player on her little league team. This season alone, she’s hit 10 home runs, 10 singles and 2 doubles while batting a .500 average.

On the field, she’s aggressive, but off the field, not so much. Diaz-Randall is painfully shy, but very happy and upbeat. For an athlete of her abilities, she’s also surprisingly humble.

She has an older brother, Dominic, and the two are inseparable.

Baseball is generally a sport dominated by males. Diaz-Randall said that she was put down by opposing boys when she would walk up to plate to bat. But her bat does the talking, and it speaks loudly.

“Every time she went to the plate, it was either a base hit or a nice line drive to the fence,” said her brother Dominic as she grinned.

Diaz-Randall and her family are flying to Williamsport, PA, the birthplace of Little League Baseball, where she will accept the National Award for Sportsmanship.

Her mother, Autumn Diaz-Randall, is extremely proud of her. “She has great sportsmanship, respect for the game, the umpires and the kids,” said Autumn.

“I’m really excited, but I’m really nervous. I think it’s going to be really cool!” said Diaz-Randall excitedly.

The phrase “throw like a girl,” once a stereotypical insult, may have new meaning as a flattering compliment as more people begin to wish they could throw as well as Kailee Diaz-Randall.

  1. Hey, Don Ford, how about some more details?

    Kailee is 13, and just completed seventh grade. She plays for the Santa Rosa Little League in the majors-division A’s team of Santa Rosa’s Westside league. (please note the use of caps, Mr. Ford; Little League is an organization)

    Kailee is a pitcher, but was previously a catcher.