SAN JOSE (KPIX) – A bright green and yellow car could change the way you get your groceries soon. A Silicon Valley startup brings food to your door in a self-driving car, in a matter of minutes.

“The future goal is that you get anything you want, anytime you want, and you don’t need to wait in the traffic,” says Jewel Li, COO of Auto X.

Auto X is the company behind the bright green autonomous car that she says is safer than even a Tesla in self-driving mode. That’s thanks to Auto X’s high- resolution cameras and lidar.

“So you can see things that are smaller… small kids, small dogs and because of high-resolution you can see further,” says Li.

Which is important since Auto X will be delivering groceries through neighborhoods. Li says customers will order through the app and get their food within 15 minutes.

The food will be in a cooler with ice packs. That’s not all. Li says for those who want to feel and choose their own food, such as produce, the car will have a mobile store in the backseat.

“The mobile store in the back seat will automatically open,” she explains.

But you’ll have to wait to shop for groceries without actually going to the store.

Auto-X is testing out the service, first, in North San Jose, then expanding every few weeks, not just in the Bay Area, but jewel hopes to other states, as well.

Li insists the Auto X is different than others like Uber Eats or Doordash.

“With a self-driving car we can operate in longer hours. If you want midnight snacks for your midterm exam,” she says. “Second thing is the cost.”

Auto X’s delivery fee will be just under $3. The competitors charge about $5.

Auto X made its first delivery on Monday.