CASTRO VALLEY (CBS SF) – A man was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and other charges after allegedly attempting to stab a Republican congressional candidate with a switchblade over the weekend at in Castro Valley, according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

On Sunday, September 9, at approximately 3:45 p.m., deputies working at the Castro Valley Fall Festival were alerted to a possible knife attack at one of the vendor booths.

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Deputies arrived at the booth and made contact with the victim, Republican candidate Rudy Peters, who is running against incumbent Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Dublin) for the 15th congressional district seat

The Castro Valley News first reported on the attack.

According to witnesses, 35-year-old Castro Valley resident Farzad Fazeli approached Peters at his booth in an aggressive manner and made disparaging, profanity-laced remarks about the Republican party and President Donald Trump.

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During the incident, Fazeli allegedly pulled out a switchblade knife and attempted to stab Peters. The knife malfunctioned and the candidate became involved in a physical struggle with Fazeli, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly.

The suspect then fled the scene, but was detained a short time later by deputies and was found in possession of a switchblade knife, Kelly said.

Fazeli was arrested for felony assault, criminal threats, brandishing a weapon and possession of a switchblade knife and booked into Santa Rita Jail.

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Peters wasn’t injured. Fazeli, who lists his occupation as cashier, was booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on suspicion of felony assault, criminal threats, brandishing a weapon and possession of a switchblade knife.

Kelly said the case has been forwarded to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for charging.

Peters talked to KPIX 5 about the frightening encounter Tuesday.

GOP congressional candidate Rudy Peters describes attack at Castro Valley festival (CBS)

“He would have stabbed me,” Peters said. “I mean, he had it out saying, ‘I’m going to kill you MFer! I’m going to kill you!’ I could see his thumb trying to get the knife out.”

He said the encounters started with verbal threats.

“He picks up a coffee cup to rear back and throw it at us. And I jumped around the table. He throws the coffee cup and misses us. It hits the ground and breaks,” remembered Peters. “So I come out and grab him and wrestle him and throw him down to the ground.”

He said that was when Fazeli pulled out a knife.

“He’s screaming, ‘I’ll kill you MFer! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!’ And he’s kind of circling me trying to get the knife out,” said Peters

Fazeli made his first court appearance Tuesday for possession of a switchblade and threatening to commit great bodily injury or death. But Fazeli’s mother and attorney say he is the victim.

Assault suspect Farzad Fazeli in court (CBS)

“My client at this point was afraid for his life and afraid for his health and safety. And I believe that it is alleged that he pulls out a folded knife. The knife was never opened,” argued defense attorney Frederick Remer.

Fazeli’s mother Dolly Adams was at the festival at the Democratic booth.

“Mr. Peters got physical first,” said Adams.

While she said she didn’t see what happened during the altercation, she talked to her son before he was arrested.

“He said that Mr. Peters has taken him by his shoulders and shoved him to the ground. And there was blood on him and blood on his booth,” said Green.

Peters said when Fazeli took out the knife, he shielded himself by reaching for one of his election signs for protection.

He said he never worried about his safety and the safety of his Republican supporters until now.

“I’ve asked my supporters and followers at open events, I don’t want them around me. I don’t want their safety in jeopardy,” said Peters.

On Tuesday, Swalwell posted on Twitter about the attack, saying he was “glad to hear Mr. Peters is okay.” He also discouraged the use of violence in any disagreement, political or otherwise.

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Fazeli’s bail was set at $55,000. His family said they plan to get him out of county jail Tuesday night. He has a stay away order to keep his distance from Peters after the incident.

According to his campaign website, Peters is a founder and co-owner of AARD Solutions, a company that specializes in systems engineering and targets U.S. government intelligence agencies. He has lived in Livermore since 1991.

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  1. Michael Powers says:

    Maxine Waters would approve!

    1. Kenni Kuhlmann-Clark says:

      Not only that, she’s probably wanting to post his bail for him (maybe even with taxpayer money).

  2. Richard A Hooks says:

    So it begins.

    1. Jonathan Miller says:

      It began with Judge Scalia, continued with Steve Scalia, and the next act was Rudy Peters…stabbed by a muzz on 911…

      1. Jonathan Miller says:

        Steven Scalise…whoops…

  3. Warren Q. Kekington III says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

    1. Willie William says:

      Research shows that 15 % of liberals are on some kind of medication for mental issues. The scary part is that means 85% are running around unmedicated.

  4. The Democrat party is not fit for a first world country. Stabbing, shooting at Republicans practicing for a baseball charity game, Maxine calling for harassment of Republicans, and Antifa, the new KKK of the Democrat Party

    1. That is so true Maroon. Since the 1960’s the Democrat party has morphed in to the Communist Party USA and this is just more proof of it.

  5. That’s odd…. VERY odd. I recall that one of the families that arrived at Plymouth Rock,
    Circa 1620 was the Fazeli family! HOW VERY ODD!!

    1. Believe you’re right, Duck. They were the first family to introduce Syphilis to North America…

  6. Brian Kelly says:

    This is what happens with a constant barrage of POTUS hating & republican bashing. It’s almost inevitable that guns and bombs will be next. It’s like the 1970’s all over again.

    1. This is worse than the 70’s. The Democratic Party should be disbanded.

      1. LK Campbell says:

        The Trump Derangement Syndrome rears its ugly head, yet again. I blame the news media who constantly bashes the President and those politicians who do the same thing. People like Maxine Waters, should be held responsible for these attacks. She has openly called for attacks against the President, his family, his cabinet members and his supporters.

  7. Gil Stonebarger says:

    oh Auntie Maxine…….YOU are responsible for this…. tell me again which side is violent?

  8. Eric Rhodes says:

    This must be fake. Because people and knives don’t kill, only guns kill.

    1. Sean Gay says:

      Knives kill too, just ask a mu slim in London.

      1. apparently no longer a problem. knives are now BANNED in London.

  9. His FB profile reveals he is a far-left nutcase. Imagine that….

  10. Someone should have given this guy a nice anti-hate yard sign or bumper sticker. It seems only Democrats with such talismans can curb their violence and rage.

    1. Henry Bowman says:

      Say what? I’ve lost count of the number of “leaders” of anti-gun organizations (most often female-oriented ones) who have been arrested and imprisoned for crimes ranging from illegal gun possession to actual murder with a firearm. I don’t think the sign would help.

  11. Want to know who is responsible? The news media. They have been fomenting hate and anger
    since before the Presidential election. This is their creation.

  12. Finally a Democrat denounces the violence. It’s about time.

  13. Raúl Williams says:

    Farzad Fazeli? Farzad huh? Really? Check his personal devices for jihad literature.

  14. Nothing to see here, folks.

    Just another misunderstanding, by a member of the religion of peace, and brought to you by the Democrat party.

  15. Smallwell, the Dem’s most practiced liar, loves it though when his antifa pals start breaking things causing damage and injury.

    1. Didn’t hear about this on any news outlet. MSM running interference for the Socialist Party, once again..

  16. Sherry Gerald says:

    He’s just doing what the Dems have told him to do. I’ve never seen such hate as what’s coming from the Dems, they’re all awful, beyond the pale!

  17. Gil Stonebarger says:

    BTW, to any sensible liberals reading this: you need to STOP your fellow socialists…this WILL NOT end well if you don’t stop with the violence. Trust me, alot of guys are like me, quiet, unassuming conservatives. we don’t yell, we don’t protest… very careful going forward….you really should not poke sleeping grizzlies. I really do love you all as brothers….UNTIL you come after me or mine. PLEASE STOP THE VIOLENCE. This is not funny anymore.

  18. Felix Cuvreau says:

    “But” is liberal dog whistle for “by any means”.

  19. Sam Hensley says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  20. Paul Trott says:

    They banned Alex Jones for not-nice talking. Maxine and her crew of angry stabbers should get the same treatment.

  21. ricardoqueso says:

    Amazed one of the primary mainstream news outlets even covered this, since it doesn’t fit with their (lying) narrative of only right-wingers being violent. Unless… they (CBS & the MSM) hope it serves to inspire and incite more, similar acts.

  22. Bob Suyak says:

    Dems are some nasty thugs, worse than communists, by far (see antifa) who pretend to be anti fascists, but act like fascists.

  23. Keep a safe distance from the L!BT/\Rds at all times.
    If the L!BT/\Rds are within 20 feet of you….SHOOT TO KILL.

      1. Douglas E McStephens says:

        Oh no, we have a Troll police. Not everyone that disagrees is a troll. Get off the koolaid moron.

  24. I’ll bet that pedophile looking democRAT Swalwell put the guy up to it…

  25. Jim Wolfson says:

    I’d like to know how much Swalwell paid the guy and if he’s an illegal-alien criminal invader.

  26. Jim Cyr says:

    And his name is Farzad Fazeli……… mind-numbingly predictable.

  27. Nick Cignetti says:

    Hate the driving force and in this case it is in both the Democrat voters and in their candidates. IE, Maxine Waters, Feinstein and the beat goes on.

  28. I’d like to find out if any paralegals or attorneys who actually still believe in the rule of law will investigate the legal justification for pressing charges against media personalities and public officials who call for or instigate violence against others….there is plenty of evidence to comb through.

  29. Ed Meyer says:

    So when is Maxine getting arrested?

  30. Ty Harris says:

    Thank you CNN and MSNBC. It’s inevitable that a certain percentage of your audience is more unwell than the rest of it and will actually believe that Trump is a Russian spy and that he has done more damage to America than the 9-11 hijackers. Trump gives a news conference and it’s Krystalnacht. Trump enforces border security and it’s republican nazis marching the jews into the camps.This is what happens CNN and MSNBC. You did this. Own it.

  31. mrfubo says:

    Farzad Fazeli. Another fine upstanding Canadian import. If you value your life, never leave home without Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

    1. Henry Bowman says:

      What, in California? Good luck with that. That ship sailed long ago.

  32. Mark Lemmon says:

    There you go. Another Maxine Waters controlled zombie…

  33. There is the Arab-Moslem struggle in a nutshell. Technical malfunction, ineptitude, flight, capture, defeat, surrender.

  34. David Alster says:

    DavidA, Maxine, he failed in his mission. Send another one in.

  35. Tatiana Shariff says:

    their leaders set this outrageous example so these idiots think it is the right thing to do. They are all mentally deranged.

  36. Matthew Austin Denney says:

    Oh, thanks Capt Obvious for letting people know that it’s “not OK” to us knives to settle disputes. Although, that probably ISN’T obvious to many of your constituents.

  37. “I’m glad to hear Mr. Peters is okay. But it’s NEVER okay to use violence…”. Use of the word “But” here implies that the attack was the result of something that Mr. Peters did, that Mr. Peters instigated the attack. How? Because he is a Republican?

  38. Michael James Gudat says:

    Maxine Waters is responsible for manipulating the weak minded with her racist HATE rhetoric the old racist hate hag is as guilty as if her fingerprints were on the switchblade

  39. This falls under the auspices of leftist Dem violence and Typical Raghead Behavior. The victim was luck that Farzad wasn’t backing a suicide vest.

    And spare me the Dem candidate’s crocodile tears! He supports antifa street violence against conservative rallies.

  40. Joe Pace says:

    Farzad Fazeli need anymore be spoken?

  41. Fiery Blue says:

    Maxi needs to call off her attack proxies or she should be charged as an accomplice or for incitement, like the Black Panther leaders in the 60s/70s. (Her mentors)

  42. Randy Dunning says:

    So how many deadly force attacks do Democrat Crime Syndicate operatives have to initiate before we can conclude Democrats are violent monsters? Just asking.

  43. Typical Liberal DemocRat, can’t even operate a switchblade. DemocRats are the most dangerous and destabilizing people on the planet. They need to be investigated and charged with crimes against the US.

  44. Bill Loyal says:

    They are itching for a civil war, and this time they WILL get one. Stupid libs

  45. Gordon Lamont says:

    Farzad? Is that Irish? Or maybe Is-lam-o–fasci-ist?

  46. Mark David says:

    One question I have: does Swalwell swallow?

  47. TDS is a real thing, liberalism is a mental illness.

  48. subtle2 says:

    In Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s, street protestors were paid. There were the international socialists on one side and the national socialists on the other side.
    Both were demanding their idea of a “Perfect” society.
    Now, the authoritarians are demanding a “Perfect” climate.

  49. Rocco Henderson says:

    Walk Away. It’s time.

  50. Willie William says:

    The violence comes from the left.

  51. Jason Leeman says:

    Liberals are sick, mentally ill pieces of trash. I am telling you now, we are not going to be able to play nice much longer and allow these violent savages to beat and maim people. This needs to stop. There are groups prepping now for the oncoming war because it is going to be necessary, unfortunately.

  52. Can’t wait for a leftist to get what they deserve when they attack the wrong person.

  53. Edmond Day says:

    The PURGE begins.

    1. Actually, we have been purging knife wielding criminals for centuries. We put them in jail and then impregnate their women. It works fairly well.

  54. Joseph McLinden says:

    It’s the new revolution…no talking or debating…go right to the switchblades. BTW a switchblade is the weapon if the assassin, gangster or murderer…better look into his past history.

  55. Jason Stewart says:

    just another peace loving progressive…who just happens to be a member of the religion of peace…who knew?

  56. Jack Gil says:

    Typical liberal soldier…this isn’t news, this is expected.

  57. Carlos Stevens says:

    Y’all regressive liberals better get your people under control, and fast. You think this is all fun and games? You think that conservatives are easy targets because we don’t fight back? The fear you’re feeling is coming from inside you’re own mind. You keep walking down this road, and you’ll discover that conservatives have a limit; we are peaceful people, until it’s time to not be…and then we’re very not. (to paraphrase that movie Roadhouse)

    Go ahead, keep pushing it; find out the hard way.

  58. atthemurph says:

    Farzad Fazeli………… Did he scream Allahu Akbar while doing it and did the other democrats cheer?

  59. Filthy stinking Democrats, not only corrupt, Violent too!

  60. Juan Ruiz says:

    Just a nice Muslim Democrat doing what they do to people they dislike (ie try to behead them)

  61. Jeff Gibson says:

    Use a knife to attack a person in any of 2500 red counties and he might shoot you dead.

  62. Ray Brown says:

    This is the result of the democrat media (all but FOX and some radio) drumming up the crazies on the left. We have a liberal theater actress wanting John Wilkes Booth, CNN and MSNBC cheering on the misnomered ANTIFA which ARE fascists for keeping conservative voices from speaking on college campuses, the whole of the left calling people NAZI’s, racists, etc are actually just one big example of projection. I hope you are proud of the liberals who shoot at republicans and conservatives due to political opposition you bunch of fake newsers. YOU REFUSE TO REPORT ON THE GOOD THAT IS GOING ON BECAUSE IT MIGHT MAKE CONSERVATIVE POLICIES LOOK GOOD. Oh and BTW, remember when OBAMA asked how a 4% GDP could possibly happen without a magic wand, and how his administration said it was a good thing to only work 30 hours or less, and the fact that there were more jobs because people were working 2 to 3 jobs, well, because of deregulation, tax cuts, etc. we have more full time jobs than people can fill. Obama, YOU DID NOT BUILD THAT, this is happening because Trump has dismantled all of the road bumps you put in the way for an advancing economy. Want it to stop, vote democrat.

  63. Tom Mccoy says:

    Obviously Trump’s fault.

  64. Osmani Sanchez says:

    Dem party = The new ISIS

  65. John Nelson says:

    Yet another unhinged liberal freak is “woke”.

  66. Osmani Sanchez says:

    ISIS? ohh wait!

  67. John Snow says:

    These are the monsters CNN George Soros and Msnbc created.
    You have to applaud the patience and tolerance of conservatives, they were being spit on, attacked, threatened, beat, had bricks thrown at them, had antifa throwing fireworks (real fire works like half sticks) at them, beating them with clubs, etc…… BEFORE TRUMP WAS EVEN ELECTED, the poor conservatives were viciously targeted by the media who drummed up wild accusations baseless accusations of racism and bigotry and nazism slandering entire swaths of people who just wanted to vote for a man who would lower taxes a few points and secure the nation and get the heroin off the streets.
    These people that voted for Trump are saints, if they were even 1/100th of the monsters that CNN and liberal news outlets like washington post made them out to be, they would of had a violent revolution and purged society years ago, but here we are 2 years later , they are still taking the abuse and they arent resulting to violence, they just want peace and prosperity and they are willing to take all the hate thrown at them to get it.

  68. Gary Lee says:

    Unhinged TRUMP hater Eric Swalwell inspires one of his deranged, violent followers to attempt to assassinate his opponent. The violent rhetoric of the left is over the top and directly responsible for this attempted murder.

  69. Robert Martin says:

    Farzad Fazeli will be released and not be charged because he is a Muslim and an illegal alien.

  70. Ethan Wayne says:

    When the average citizen thinks about putting a Republican sign in their yard, or wearing a MAGA hat, they will think twice and probably won’t do it. I still will, but most people try to avoid confrontation. So Auntie Maxine and the Dems are winning in a way. What can we do to combat this?

  71. Susan Vue says:

    Don’t worry a Liberal Judge will have him back on the streets in plenty of time for the November elections

  72. Bill Sorenson says:

    If you troll the internet advocating violence against Trump or anyone else, you are partially responsible for this. The democratic leadership is DEF responsible with their resist mantra. You folks cause fascism and violence and then try to play victim.

  73. Doug Wallace says:

    Liberals have become apoplectic with anger They all need some therapy.

  74. Jim Southerland says:

    The new face of the dem party. A PLO terrorist attempts to murder a republican running against a moonbat progressive democrat.

  75. Joyce Stevens says:

    This is the result of the hate speech from Maxine Waters and other Democrats.

  76. David Grimes says:

    Okay, now, anybody have any more questions about why I carry?

  77. Rick Ward says:

    San Francisco is America’s Human Zoo.

  78. Richard Stenger says:

    Saw this first on, the Drudge Report of California.

    1. Thanks for the shout out. More about the stabber and his mom at

  79. Django Campos says:

    You can’t beat that liberal tolerance.

  80. John Powledge says:

    The political left is sheer evil. This kind of attempted murder of their political opponents by the left is exactly why the left should never be allowed power!

  81. Nathan Burks says:

    You pull a switchblade…I pull a gun

  82. Matthew Jacobs says:

    When you won’t listen to the other side and shut them down …what’s left is Violence

  83. With all this anti-republic hate spewing from the media and leftist politicians, this should be categorized as a hate crime.

  84. The leftist cause is so noble and virtuous that any means is good righteous means to the left.

  85. This happened on Sunday, why are we just now hearing about this?

  86. Vox Veritas says:

    This is who Democrats are and what they do.

    See James T. Hodgkinson.

  87. Jeff Mitchell says:

    This is what you are going to get when you vote liberals into office!

  88. Steven Soleri says:

    Ahhh, one of our garden variety crazy and violent libs.

  89. Hastings Joseph Lamb III says:

    Sounds like one of mad maxine’s acolytes.

  90. H.d. Rennerfeldt says:

    The Democratic Socialists of America (funded by
    Soros) has commandeered it.
    Socialism is an Oppressive form of tyranny and is
    OUTLAWED by the tenets of the Constitution.
    Sedition is a real threat to this country.

  91. Bob Ho says:

    hate-filled Democrats trying to kill people, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, it doesn’t matter, they founded the KKK, killed Lincoln, and happily died to keep their black slaves in chains, but its all ok because they are Democrats. Keep voting for the party of Mexican Heroine for all!

  92. Patrick Cronin says:

    register liberals not guns

  93. Jeff Ruikka says:

    Eric Swalwell, I assume that he is a smart, intelligent person. Since he peddles half-truths, the only alternative is mentally ill or evil. Mr. Swalwell which is it?…

  94. Cartlund Monson says:

    Hey, hey, hey, all these people jumping to conclusions the attacker was a democrat or liberal and this was poilitical. No it wasn’t. The attacker was muslim, so that automatically makes it cultural, and since the object of the poor protected class minority’s activism was a cisgender white male, this barely even qualifies as a misdemeanor.

  95. Christopher O. Landreneau says:

    So the mentally unstable a meltdown suffering from DTS, Donald Trump Syndrome, are resorting to violence? Maxine Waters and any politician who incites harassment, bullying or violence should be removed from office. Congress get off your a** and take action.
    These demonically influenced leftist will stop at nothing to harm those whom they disagree with.
    I believe that what is happening is the beginning of a build up towards civil war. Wake up Pateiotic Americans and armor up!

  96. Dennis FitzPatrick says:

    Aren’t Demoncrats great? Oh wait…no, they’re the real fascists.
    ANTIFA, Wacky Maxy…
    Vile, evil and violent
    Pray for the death of the left….

  97. Rick Fischer says:

    Sarah Palin caused this by using the word “target” in a campaign ad. Next up, Pelosi will shed a tear because of violent Republicans. Democrats will say the Republican candidate was the aggressor. The attacker will sue, and the jury of fruits and nuts will award him ten million dollars.

  98. Dan Komperda says:

    A muslim with a knife trying to kill Americans. It’s what they do.

  99. Bob Phelps says:

    Anyone who is surprised by this assault is simply not paying attention.

  100. Michael Buck says:

    Stay classy liberals!

  101. He seems like your normal stupid violent anti-social li bt ard with a menial job angry at the world. Maybe Maxine Waters can hire him to a high cabinet post. Remember vote Red or America’s dead.

  102. Hardly anybody in the national media is paying attention to this.

    Now imagine if the guy had attacked a Democrat candidate while spewing hateful things about Hillary or Obama. THAT story would go to the top of the list superseding even the hurricane coverage in the national press.

  103. John J KevlockSr says:

    A gun tragedy. So preventable!

  104. Rafaela Smith says:

    For the life of me I cannot understand why Democrats want to be controlled by people like him. This is not your father’ or grandfather’s Party anymore. They never advocated for violence, they would never take a knee during the National Anthem, they always respected America even if they did not agree with everything. Now we have a generation of wussies with their hands stuck out. I am sick of these people. Vote them all out.

  105. Robert Gregory Anders says:

    Looks like its time to start preemptively fighting back against the left.

  106. Johnny Simpson says:

    Peters should tell even more people to come out to his events. By telling his supporters the opposite he is giving in to fear. He should just tell them that if any have a permit for concealed carry they are welcome to come loaded for bear. Or deranged lefty psychos, one of the two. If one nutjob like Fazeli gets a free trip to Hell in the act of attacking, maybe other angry tinfoils of his ilk will take notice. Darwin would be pleased, at the very least.

  107. Joe Jacobs says:

    Welcome to “WATERS WORLD”

  108. Matthew Graff says:

    The left want to disband ICE while they embrace MS 13. What do you think would happen?

  109. The only place I was able to find this story was the Drudge Report. Surprised? The Press-titutes are doing what they do best; Suppressing the News. Imagine if it was some milquetoast White Republican guy that attacked some (Highly likely) Muslim like this Farzad Fazeli, Mental Case. This would be front-and-center at every Mainstream News site.

  110. Richard Davidson says:

    Typical far left liberal tactic…Our way or no way ! Liberals love free speech…as long as its a liberal speaking ….

  111. Eugene Muller says:

    “On Tuesday, Swalwell posted on Twitter about the attack, saying he was “glad to hear Mr. Peters is okay.” He also discouraged the use of violence in any disagreement, political or otherwise.”

    – He “discouraged” it, eh? Gee, that’s awful nice of him! His language is certainly not very strong. And if you look at his web site, he doesn’t say a THING about it! You want to know what his site DOES talk about? Russian “interference”, and making it a federal crime to attack journalists.

    Yeah, he seems REAL sorry about this knife attack on his opponent.

  112. Forest Miller says:

    We can thank CNN and other left-compliant media outlets for this. In their efforts to sway the electorate before the mid-terms, it’s non-stop Republican-bashing. They’ve worked the mindless left into a frenzy.

  113. Fred Danford says:

    The violence from the left since Trump got elected is shocking…

  114. Karl Wolff says:

    Eric Swalwell lives in the gutter with his pimp, Adam Schiff.

  115. lilyredrose says:

    Another mom’s ‘din do nuthin’. The demons are in a frenzy.

  116. Mark Kowalski says:

    So a white guy with an actual knife really does try to kill someone, but he is taken into custody without getting hurt. White guy shoots up an entire movie theatre killing dozens, he gets taken into custody without injury. White guy shoots up high school in Florida- taken into custody without injury. 12 yr old black kid has toy gun- dead. Black man in yard with cellphone, dead. Black man unarmed on highway- dead. This is why they kneel.

  117. Why is this even news? Whether the left is shooting Republicans at a baseball game or stabbing someone at an event this is the standard mode of operations for liberals and backed and approved by the mainstream media. At least the left did not burn the building down!!!!!

  118. Samuel Green says:

    “My client at this point was afraid for his life and afraid for his health and safety. And I believe that it is alleged that he pulls out a folded knife. The knife was never opened,” argued defense attorney Frederick Remer.”

    It’s astonishing that his moron attorney minimizes the knife by calling it a ‘folding knife’, when it was in fact a automatic switchblade, switchblades are illegal in California if the blade is longer than 2″

    As far as Farzad Fazelli being afraid for his life, I’ll agree with, after he assaulted this politician and the politician fought back, he probably was afraid, but the real fear is when Farzad gets tried and convicted. With any luck, every moment of his prison sentence will have this coward hiding under his prison blanket.

    Maxine Waters should be in the same prison cell for inciting this type of violence.

  119. Without even investigating, how do I know that this is almost certainly another democrat wacko, who is most likely a “peaceful muslim immigrant” of first or second generation?

  120. Richard Stenger says:

    Sad but predictable, new Calif. law could let Republican switchblader walk:

    1. Unbelievable. Wait. It’s California. It’s believable.

  121. Lisa Stiles says:

    Pffft. Somebody was being lazy with their minimizing and tentative wording in the first paragraph. I can do better than that:

    A person with outward characteristics, grooming, and clothing that, in the U.S., are traditionally associated with men, was arrested on suspicion of assault—for which the candidate and witnesses described behavior consistent with a felony level charge—and other minor and potentially gratuitous charges after allegedly attempting to move quickly toward a Republican congressional candidate in a manner that could be interpreted as aggressive, with his arm stretched out holding what the candidate and some witnesses believe was a switchblade, that they then assumed was sharp enough to stab the candidate over the weekend in Castro Valley, according to the person claiming to be the dispatcher that answered the phone associated with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

  122. Ford Hanson says:

    Why did Swalwell use the word But? That is a very strange thing to say. Basically it reads like it was okay.

  123. Heidi Smith says:

    So throwing a heavy coffee mug is not a threatening move? ‘Scuse me? This guy throws a coffee mug and then claims HE got attacked by the candidate. It’s always someone else’s fault…

  124. The ONLY way leftists can win the argument is to eliminate the opposition, literally if necessary.

  125. Pieder Beeli says:

    Mr. Peters’ Democrat opponent tweeted
    I’m glad to hear Mr. Peters is okay. But it’s NEVER okay to use violence to settle political disagreements (or any disagreement).

    This “But” which begins the second sentence is misplaced. Grammatically, the “but” should be removed.

    But the “but” is there. So why is it there? Grammatically the “but” would make sense if instead the sentences read

    I’m glad Mr. Peters was stabbed. But it’s NEVER okay to use violence to settle political disagreements (or any disagreement). So I just got lucky that someone stabbed him while formally I get to denounce the mob mentality that attends my political affiliation.