STANFORD (CBS SF/AP) — Having led the successful recall campaign of Judge Aaron Persky, a Stanford professor is now taking aim at politicians who “have failed to stand with women on the issue of sexual harassment and sexual violence.”

Stanford Law Professor Michele Daube joined organizers to announce the formation of the Enough is Enough Voter Project.

“It’s time to end a culture that protects the careers of powerful men who abuse women or other survivors, and put this issue before the voters,” Daube said in a press release. “We are going to put rape culture on the ballot across the country.”

Persky was recalled in the wake of sentencing Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to 6 months in county jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at a Stanford fraternity party.

Among the PACs first targets is Tennessee State Representative David Byrd, a former high school basketball coach who was recently accused by three women of having sexually abused them when they were ages 15 and 16 and played on the team he coached.

Byrd has not denied the allegations and recently apologized to one of the players for his conduct. Despite bipartisan calls for him to resign, he refused and is currently running for re-election.

“There are numerous politicians who have been credibly accused of serious sexual misconduct or abuse,” according to Emiliana Guereca, Board Member of Enough is Enough Voter Project,and Founder & Executive Director of Women’s March Los Angeles. “It is unacceptable that these men face no meaningful consequences from law enforcement, the government or their political party.”

The organization’s website will also include a “Report a Candidate” button on which provides a portal for individuals to share information and links about
candidates in local communities who have a poor track record on #MeToo issues.


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