Sponsored By KPIX 5

What Is PIX Now?
PIX Now is your source for the day’s latest Bay Area, national & political news from KPIX 5, updated hourly Monday through Friday and 3 times a day over the weekend. It is in a fast-paced format for your life on the move.

Where Do I Find It?
PIX Now is listed in the Alexa skills section under KPIX 5.

What is an Alexa Skill?
Alexa skills are like apps and are voice-driven.

How do I load the KPIX 5 Pix Now Skill?



After adding PIX Now, try “Alexa, play San Francisco news” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing” to hear the latest news throughout the day.



I see three listings under KPIX 5.


PIX Now: Your hourly news update
PIX Sports: A twice daily Bay Area sports update
PIX More: The week’s best stories from KPIX 5

What other devices can I use to hear and watch PIX Now?

Audio PIX Nows can be found on Google Podcasts and also on Apple iTunes or the Apple Podcast App.


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