CAMPBELL (KPIX 5) — The big debate over shared, dockless electric scooters has made its way to another South Bay town, with the sudden surge of e-scooters on the streets of Campbell now landing on the agenda at city hall.

The city council was set to vote Tuesday evening on a proposed temporary ban on the e-scooters while a set of rules are fashioned to govern their use on city streets.

Just as in other Bay Area cities, there are those who love them, and then there are those who never want to see an electric scooter again.

Tuesday night, Campbell city leaders will be voting on whether to put a temporary ban on the e-scooters until they can figure out a set of rules for their sudden surge. That’s already become a hot topic in other cities, like San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco:

“They came on us really quick,” said Campbell Vice Mayor Rich Waterman. “With Campbell, it’s been like about six weeks; we had none and now they’re everywhere.”

Waterman says sidewalks need to be clear for pedestrians and the handicapped, and rules need to be set for the use of scooters on the city’s trails used by joggers and bicyclists.

While it is a tall order tackling the e-scooter controversy, the vice-mayor says Campbell is not ready to hit the brakes on the devices just yet.

“They’ve become very popular very quick,” said Waterman. “I think they’re going to be there. We can’t just say no more of these, because something else like bicycles will come in.”

The Campbell City Council was scheduled to vote on the proposed temporary ban at 7:30 pm, with the public given a chance to offer comment.

Earlier this month, the Oakland City Council approved an ordinance establishing regulations and requiring permits for e-scooters following frequent complaints.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, two startups were temporarily selected to offer e-scooter rentals. The pilot program will run for one year, beginning October 15th.



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