SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The deadly Cascade Fire that claimed four lives and destroyed 264 structures in Yuba County was started by sagging Pacific Gas and Electric power lines coming into contact during heavy winds, Cal Fire announced Tuesday.

However, the state fire agency said there were “no violations of the public resources code” found.

The Cascade Fire started on the evening of October 8 – amid the largest and deadliest outbreak of wildfires in state history — and burned a total of 9,989 acres.

“A high wind event in conjunction with the power line sag on two conductors caused the lines to come into contact, which created an electrical arc,” fire officials said in a release. “The electrical arc deposited hot burning or molten material onto the ground in a receptive fuel bed causing the fire.”

Cal Fire said the common term for this situation is called “line slap.”

The investigative report has been forwarded to the Yuba County District Attorney for further considerations.

In total, the October 2017 fire siege involved more than 170 fires and burned at least 245,000 acres in Northern California. Approximately 11,000 firefighters from 17 states and Australia helped battle the blazes.