SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — A group of protesters blocked a bus carrying tech workers near the San Jose State University campus Thursday.

The demonstration happened on the 100 block of E. San Salvador St. near Fourth St. outside a parking garage.

KCBS Radio reported the protest was the first tech bus protest in San Jose and directed at Google, with protesters dressed in hazmats suits saying the company is “toxic.” The demonstrators say they are opposed to Google’s plans for a new campus near in San Jose.

San Francisco has seen a number of incidents of protesters blocking buses carrying tech workers to highlight what they call the negative effects of the tech industry on local neighborhoods.

The San Jose protesters who were blocking the commuter bus held a banner saying “Stop Google – sweep tech not tents,” referring to recent sweeps of homeless encampments dotting area of San Jose.

Eventually, the bus was allowed to leave as officers wearing helmets and wielding batons led the way.

Google has proposed building a new campus encompassing some six million square feet of office and retail near San Jose’s Diridon Station. The company and its parent, Alphabet, already owns the most Bay Area real estate of any tech firm and plans to open another campus in Sunnyvale by 2021, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. Sebra Leaves says:

    It has finally happened. SF residents have been protesting against the disruptive tech buses for months and now the protests are starting at the other end. We’ve been wondering how the residents near the campuses are dealing with them. Now we know. These exclusive carriers are only appreciated by the the riders who enjoy the perks. This in-your-face opulence is fanning the anti-gentrification flames around the Bay. The corporate takeover of the streets is not going to be smooth.

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