ALAMEDA (KPIX 5) — An East Bay homeowner’s elaborate Halloween decorations are drawing a lot of curiosity from neighbors with a clearly anti-Trump political theme that satirizes the current administration.

Alameda resident Daniel Balsam blending the scary holiday with politics in a display titled “A Very, Very Trump Halloween, Part Duh.”

Trump Halloween display in Alameda (CBS)

The intricate and details display includes what appears to be an immigrant child in a cage, tombstones for departed White House staff members, caricatures of members of the Trump administration and other satirical elements.

A screaming scarecrow dummy with a name tag that reads “Ted Cruz” sits next to a sign stating the Texas senator is “The most punchable face in America.”

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A bewigged devil figure bearing a “Donald Trump” name tag ominously says, “Come with me my child into the heart of darkness itself!” before emitting an evil laugh.

The house is located on the corner of Union and San Antonio in Alameda.

The spooktacular Halloween display is over the top. And its creator says it has a political message no less frightening than the conservative politics that inspired it.

Trump Halloween display in Alameda (CBS)

“The administration is basically the scariest monsters we can think of. That’s why we do the Halloween display like this,” explained Balsam.

The display is the second edition that Balsam and his wife have set up, hence the title “A Very, Very Trump Halloween, Part Duh.”

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“We were hoping he would be impeached between years one and two, but the material keeps on coming,” said Balsam.

For the most part, the display has his neighbors chuckling.

“Funny, but sad and true,” said area resident Kathleen Fennelly.

“I’m glad he decided to use his voice to share how he feels,” said neighbor Sean Cahill.

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Even kids are getting a kick out of the Halloween decorations. The spiders that leap menacingly towards visitors were a big hit, so is the star of the elaborate attraction, the devilish depiction of President Trump himself.

When asked why he liked Donald Trump, one little boy replied, “Not the real one! He’s just dressed up.”

The display has grown since he first put it up last year. Balsam says he fears it could grow even bigger in 2019.

“It could be worse,” said Balsam. “I don’t know if we’ve hit bottom.”

Trump Halloween display in Alameda (CBS)

And as much as those strolling through the neighborhood were enjoying the dazzling display, at least one said she won’t be sad to see it go.

“I would prefer this nightmare to be over. Like soon,” said Fennelly. “November is not too soon.”

Older kids who visit Balsam’s display on Halloween will also receive something in addition to candy. Balsam has printed up diplomas from “Trumpery University.” The papers read that they represent a “B.S.” degree for “been suckered” and are signed by “President Trump, Commander in Cheese.”

Comments (80)
  1. Susan Smith says:

    Wow the Trump derangement syndrome is strong in SanFran. How bout this tool use his energy to help the homeless epidemic instead of wasting all his time and money on stupid Halloween decorations?

    1. Kevin Enkell says:

      He’d rather elect socialist democrats who will take your money to do that.

  2. Isaac Black says:

    If they really want to scare the kids they should put Hillary with that witch laugh of hers in front of the house.

  3. Sam Jones says:

    This guy is a punk. No humor here, just a little man who likes attention and hates Trump. Why do those two things always seem to go together?

    1. Tom Corey says:

      Speaking of little men who crave attention, how many rallies has Trump held?

  4. Crooked will never, ever be President. Trump has made America Great Again!

  5. Wow, a man peddling his own irrational hate to little kids for Halloween. Spends elaborately on this display, but then is a complete cheapskate on the candy. What a jerk.

  6. J Stuart Powley says:

    Wow. This is really not clever at all…Just kind of sad, really.

  7. Terry Wood says:

    These people are typical liberals, way too much time on their hands. Unlike conservatives who actually have to work for a living. I hope he’s now happy he got his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately he lives in a city filled with excrement dropped anywhere on the street.

  8. Tom Wharton says:

    Just another reason Democrats will be SLAUGHTERED in November. They & their supporters have become full blown terrorists.

  9. Brian Barton says:

    More propaganda from the media. This is why Trump won and will continue to win! Keep on posting anti Trump garbage, it just makes for more supporters for Trump in the long run! TRUMP2020!!!!!!

  10. Jerry Walton says:

    More from the butthurt, snowflake, liberal Dimocrats. What’s the matter? No illegal ballots to stuff or dead voters to register?

  11. Don McCoy says:

    LOL! I find, more and more, that the stuff Liberals do to aggravate those of us who DON’T hate America just makes me laugh at them! This guy is obviously IRATE that Trump is POTUS! It’s like enjoying an inane tantrum!

  12. Patrick Ruttster says:

    I hope he doesn’t run out of ideas. This socialist is gonna have to keep it up til 2024! Hahahahaha

  13. If I were there, I’d know where NOT to take my children. He might try to indoctrinate them. lol

  14. Regardless of which side of the issues you stand on, it’s really sad that these issues have become so pervasive that it becomes a halloween decoration instead of something that’s just simply about halloween.

  15. Poindexter J. Moose says:

    Maybe he should go to san fran to scoop up the human feces to be helpful rather than this nonsense

  16. Harold Gentry says:

    >runs to computer
    >types- damiel balsam jewish
    Ahhh..thats it

  17. Guy Bourassa says:

    It’s a display of unhingedness.

  18. John Whalen says:

    Is this the same Daniel Balsam who is a lawyer?

  19. Something is wrong with the air and water in California, It causes Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  20. Anne Tenney says:

    This is so typical of the Bay Area and further confirms our wise decision to escape the liberal cesspool 15 years ago. As California continues to destroy itself, the rest of the country looks on, hoping it will secede. Broken infrastructure, terrible schools, crazy laws, rabid politicians all thanks to the clueless voters.

  21. Stephanie Payne says:

    All rich, white, clueless leftists. Ignorance… brought to you by Too Much Television. And the deranged state of Cali… Land of fruits and nuts!

  22. Norm Stansfield says:

    Some might even say that calling Ted Cruz’ face punchable is inciting violence. And I bet the members of the esteemed press would be in quite a tizzy if Ted Cruz said that same exact thing about this reporter.

  23. Cynthia Padgett says:

    This is a disgusting and offensive “news” report. Does Andrea plan on reporting anything about the Obama Helloween 50% of the rest of the country had to endure for 8 years? Obviously, Mr. Balsam has serious coping issues…Get over yourselves folks, you LOST the election, deal with it!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Bhushan Sayyed says:

    I saw the baby in the cage and was ready for a commentary about how horrific abortion is, but Nope! instead, an ode to the logistics of processing illegals… obviously no thought put into the display. Not even an ounce of wit. But then again, the low-hanging fruit (intellectually speaking) has always been the specialty of the progressives….

  25. Greg Coe says:

    A guy in San Francisco hates Trump! Alert the media!

  26. Carl Robbins says:

    Really deranged people…. sad they affect children.

  27. Andrea and her Leftist buddies should go visit Venezuela and enjoy the joys of that Socialist paradise but, I don’t even think that would wake them from their stupor…

  28. Cam Kirmser says:

    Yet another California fruitcake suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    Nothing new here…

  29. Steve Hodgkiss says:

    Classless… I don’t recall people on the right doing this to Obama. While true I heard some wild stories about him (mainly from the fringe on the right), this stoops to a new low. Of course, this person is preaching to the choir of the Bay Area, so no real surprises there. Oh well. Have fun kiddies. That’s what it’s all about right? Just remember: All Republicans are not bad and all Democrats are not good. We are Americans and we should all start acting like it or we’ll lose a great nation one calloused and jaded soul at a time.

  30. This idiot is probably typical of Bay Area T.D.S. types. Face of the Democrat Party = faces contorted with hatred of Trump and a desire to beat up and even kill conservatives. Embarrassing to be Californian.

    Non-Californians should know that the part of the state that grows most of your food isn’t this stupid and bitter….the part of the state Bay Area elitist-leftists misruling the state from Corruptamento seek to destroy by cutting off water.

    The idiots who are claiming Trump has declared War on California because he wants to make it easier for the San Joachim Valley people and growers to get water.

  31. Keith Diggs says:

    But to the media a RODEO CLOWN DRESSED AS OBAMA was cause for national outrage.

    1. Andrew Kokoczka says:

      You won the comment section.

  32. Sound An Alarm says:

    He’s got money for this but not to get his teeth fixed?

  33. Ryan Averill says:

    Look at me!!!

  34. Bruce Harwell says:

    Trump’s policies will make even this moron prosperous–and he will probably credit Obama for it.

  35. Doug Wallace says:

    Trump WON. Get over it already.
    BTW, He will win again in 2020.

  36. Tail Spin says:

    Hate on display. Nothing new except more of the same coming from liberals who possess no originality or sense of humor unless it is degrading.

  37. Jas Aub says:

    MexiCal. Go figure.

  38. Kevin Sanderson says:

    Wow, I’m wearing a mask. So what would keep me from throwing this POS to the ground and stomping the #### out of him??? Remember the police arresting a man for a hanging obama figure in his display??? Are the Bay Area thugs such vaginas. Yep I guess they are

  39. Ryan Workman says:

    Must be cool living in so many Lefty, empty heads: RENT FREE! You’d think there would be something more newsworthy to report in the Democrat controlled Bay Area, like the record poverty, human feces on the streets, and public drug use…oh wait, it’s San Francisco!

  40. Mad Dubose says:

    The real zombies are on the left.

  41. Just get your little ass ready for the Red Wave!

  42. Matt Beer says:

    Just think of how much help all those dollars spent on this vain message of Chinese plastic could have been used to help those truly in need of help.

  43. James Daniel Rogers says:

    “The administration is basically the scariest monsters we can think of. That’s why we do the Halloween display like this,”

    Hmmm… I guess he’s never heard of <ao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin…

  44. rc33 says:

    Another bottom-feeding gutter Progressive. What’re the odds, huh?

  45. WOW! TDS fully on display here. I’m just praying to God that the GOP keeps the house or we’ll be a never ending dimmocrat nightmare.

  46. Robt Ehring says:

    I read the headline on the drudge report and before I opened the article I already knew that this was happening in San Francisco. There is clearly something being put into the water of California, how can you explain the rampant idiocy in one place?

  47. Thomas Wright says:

    Goof Ball. An embarrassment to himself and his neighbors. I want to have him interviewed NOV 7….see if he survives his stroke…

  48. Melissa Lipnutz says:

    Embrace the hate…you’ve got six more years! MAGA

  49. tngilmer says:

    The First Amendment gives you the right to be objectionable and even stupid, if you wish, however I would love to see if the left would be so tolerant if the display was anti Obama.

  50. Peggy Doyle says:

    Too bad he’s getting media attention. Very bad example for kids. Society spends great efforts to eliminate cyber cruelty of kids against their peers. Then this guy comes along. smh. … smh again.

  51. Ess Emm DeeVee says:

    Somebody put an Obama look alike in a tree and it seems to me he was arrested, interrogated by Secret Service and forced to remove his display.

  52. Frank Walker says:

    Just more indication California, a Mexican state, is a cesspool akin to all the other Mexican states.

  53. He looks like a San Fran sweetheart, never too late for psychiatrist…just sayin’

  54. Andy Lundberg says:

    Media need to pick up a notch, not working . Lol

  55. Danielfb Rice says:

    I’m sure the kids really dig this theme. I remember my ’62 Halloween: That evil JFK !!! And, Of course the local media makes this a “Must See Story.” Is this really newsworthy? Left or right; does it really make the news cut. Really?

  56. Vebop Duplenorf says:

    They will have to work a lot harder to bother anyone.

  57. John Patriquin says:

    Giving out Trump diplomas instead of candy to older kids? Please show his house the day after Halloween.

  58. Ralph Davis says:

    Maybe he should go downtown and shovel up the feces and used needles…..

  59. Show me on the Doll where the Trump hurt you.

  60. Joe Carter says:

    Why do democrats have to bring politics into everything

  61. Wow, this mouth-breather climbed off his boyfriend to do THIS? Yet further confirmation that liberalism is a mental illness…

  62. So a rich guy with money to burn is telling the plebes what a nightmare low unemployment and rising wages are. Yawn.

  63. Dawn Josephine says:

    What is wrong with people – what has President Trump done so bad that they hate him? I do not get it at all. President is helping the same people who hate him in jobs, health care, security. Do all of these people want Communism like Venezuela to take over America – is that what they want? Do they like that Obama in the 8 years who has done treason to America and giving billions of cash money to Iran that sponsers Terrroism and that was O.K. and the thousands of Executive orders and some that changed ObamaCare laws and made all public workers excempt from Obamacare while private sector has to pay high cost plus very bad medical insurance and reason why health care is now very expensive. The DemocRATS are hypocrites along with their Media:

    (1) REMINDER: FBI Never Raided the Office of Bill Clinton’s Lawyer After He Paid $850,000 to Silence Paula Jones => URL:

    (2) A Russian bank paid Bill Clinton a $500,000 speaking fee on June 29, 2010 for a 30 minute speech while Hillary was the Secretary of State. Soon after Hillary approved the sale of 20% of our Uranium to the Russians

    (3) Hillary “misplaced” ILLEGALLY $6,000,000,000 as Secretary of State.

    (4) Obama gave Iran ILLEGALLY $1,700,000,000 for NOTHING. Obama air dropping pallets of cash to Iran

    (5) John Kerry violating the Logan act

    (6) #DemocRATS have thousands of campaign finance violations with no consequences

    (7) Bill Clinton collected 12 million for his memoirs. Hillary collected 8 million for hers. That’s 20 million for the memories of two people, who for years have repeatedly testified, under oath, they couldn’t remember a thing.

    (8) Matthews Hardball paid $40,00 to settle with Assistant Producer of his show

    (9) Bill Clinton raped In 1999, Juanita Broaddrick where she as evidence on record. Where are the “MeMe” and I heard nothing from the media, from the DemonRATS and Hillary threathen Juanita and others to remain silent.

    That is just to name a few.

  64. Lol, Trump supporters calling liberals snowflakes as they lose their minds over Halloween decorations. Most of these people commenting aren’t even from California. Do you people have Google notification set on Trump so you can complain about something?

  65. William Guessford says:

    As the leftist progressive are always saying…he is doing it for the kids. You know how it was when you were a youngster…all excited to go door to door and see what the neighbors have to say about politics.

  66. Fredrick Francis says:

    This guy is one of the far and few between, Come election day you will understand what I mean.

  67. Would this get this much news attention if it was attacking Obama or Hillary? Of course not. This is not news. It is fake news. It is opinion piece. He certainly has the right to do this but it would be torn down if it was making fun of the Obams or Hillary.

  68. Laurie Burnell says:

    Now the Democrats are going to ruin Holidays. Vote Red.

  69. Jeff Robinson says:

    what a dumb ass

  70. R Couch says:

    ahhh………. the intolerance and hate from hillary’s “civilized” thugmob