Sponsored By Bassett Furniture

Quality matters to Bassett. For more than 100 years they have been perfecting the art of crafting upholstered furniture full of American ingenuity, while staying true to their company’s roots.

Bassett Furniture store has a rich experience of operating in United States for more than a century. The store is well known for its beautifully designed classic furniture collections.

Many have a feeling that furniture today is made to sell, not to last; yet people who visit Bassett Furniture store never think so. This is because of the store’s commitment to quality and excellence. Its 100 years of experience has been carefully crafted to give furniture that lasts long without compromising on the quality.

The brand has become the most trusted in the United States and today the store has 100 retail outlets. The store features both contemporary and traditional style furniture. All sorts of designs inspired from across the world are customized and are sold here at an affordable price. Bassett Furniture store also has a wide range of fabrics and all other accessories needed to decorate the home.

Special Attractions of Bassett Store
Bassett also has design consultants who work with customers suggesting the right piece for each person. An interesting feature of Bassett is that custom made furniture that is designed to meet the customer preferences are made and delivered in 30 days.

Unimaginable designs are the major attraction of Bassett Furniture store. Each of the furniture is designed with unique sense of style and is made to last for decades.

Design consultants of Bassett work in close harmony with each of the customers and make custom furnishings without exceeding the budget. Bassett design consultants also make home visits suggesting design style for the home free of cost. Bassett wood products are made to retain the natural grains and patterns of the tree.

Bassett baby is a division of Bassett Furniture which sells custom made baby furniture. This baby furniture is designed to meet the growing needs of the child.

They are flexible and the cribs can be easily transformed to a day bed and a toddler bed.

The social responsibility of Bassett is another appreciated factor of the store. It has taken various steps to reduce energy consumption and to reduce waste.

For instance all its packaging materials can be recycled instead of throwing it to accumulate in the land. Suppliers of Bassett are also encouraged to save natural resources.