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How to Reduce Noise (and Increase the Peace)

Are you looking for ways to reduce noise in your home or apartment? Who isn’t these days.

With the world whirring by at breakneck speeds, it seems there’s no escaping the never-ending sounds from a phone pinging, a TV blathering on in another room, a dishwasher swishing, someone upstairs clomping around on bare floors, or just the everyday hustle and bustle happening outside the quiet confines of your personal abode.

Sure, your next door neighbor needs to mow his lawn, but does it have to be the very minute you step onto your screened porch?

What’s more, your home’s open floor plan may have a great room (appropriately named due to its great size), or a sprawling living room with soaring ceilings, or both! The truth is, wherever hard, flat surfaces exist – walls, ceilings, floors and furniture – sound will tend to bounce around at different angles creating an echo. So, to reduce noise our goal is to lessen the bouncing of sound off of hard surfaces.

You can’t escape from noise altogether, but five smart tips from Bassett’s talented Design Consultants can help you better manage it.


An area rug covering a naked floor does more than look pretty and keep your toes warm on a chilly day. Along with the rug padding beneath the rug, it acts like a noise magnet, muffling an array of unwanted sounds.


Fabric is another solution we love to use to reduce noise. Fabric absorbs sound naturally – the thicker, more textured it is the better. (Think boucle, chenille, linen.) Choose upholstered furniture with enough plush cushions and pillows to make you forget what day it is. (Choose from than 800 fabrics or may provide a fabric of your own in some instances.)


To block more noise, cover your windows with floor to ceiling drapes. You’ll love how the drapes play with light as it changes throughout the day; the designer in you will enjoy the finished look they lend to your décor. Visit a Bassett store near you and talk with a Design Consultant about our Custom Window Program.

Block It Out

Placing furniture against an outside wall, or even a shared wall, can help absorb sound too. Simply fill a chest or bookcase with treasured books or interesting collectibles to up the oomph on reducing noise.

Create And Innovate

In certain situations, you might consider adding acoustic sound panels to lessen the echo between opposite walls in a child’s playroom, home theatre, or basement.

Designer Tip: Print your favorite photo or a child’s artwork on framed canvas, back it with eggcrate foam, and enjoy wall décor that’s personal and functional.

Offering ideas and inspiration are always our pleasure. Shop online, shop our stores, or schedule a design appointment today.