By Juliette Goodrich

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A BART rider was placed under arrest Monday after the suspect was accused of pulling out two chainsaws while on a train in the East Bay, authorities confirmed.

A BART commuter shot video that was posted on Twitter Monday afternoon that showed the man waving around a chainsaw on a train. The person posting the clip said it happened on a train traveling from Fremont to Richmond.

BART officials admitted to KPIX 5 that they had never seen anything quite like it on the transit system.

Jalina Bluford, the woman who took cell phone video of the man in action, knew something was wrong.

“I thought it was something serious. That’s why I started recording,” said Bluford.

In the clip, the suspect later identified as 47-year-old Patrick Bingham, picked up a red chainsaw and flicked the switch on it several times as he waved it in front of himself, yelling threatening comments.

At one point, he is heard to say “cut your freaking head off.”

“He did say a couple of things. He said something about ‘I’m the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Then he said, ‘No, I’m the BART massacre,'” explained Bluford.

In the clip, Bingham is then seen opening a second box which contained another chainsaw.

Bluford tagged BART in the Twitter video, which led officials to respond directly in the comments, saying that BART police were on their way.

According to comments left by BART officials on Twitter, the suspect was taken into custody when he stepped off the train at the Lake Merritt Station, where BART police officers were waiting to board and confront the suspect.

BART officials said they have never had an issue like the incident on Monday afternoon when a man brandished not one but two chainsaws as he rode a train, all while muttering threats to other passengers.

Authorities said Bingham is behind bars and faces multiple charges including exhibiting a deadly weapon, shoplifting and drug possession.

KPIX 5 also learned Bingham had an outstanding arrest warrant.

He is being held at the Santa Rita Jail. Bingham is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning.

Juliette Goodrich

Comments (42)
  1. Mark Douglas Hawkins says:

    Isn’t that a “no chainsaw” zone? BAD chainsaws!!!

  2. Welp, time for chainsaw control, I guess.

  3. Donny Dingle says:

    Thank God he didn’t have a hedge trimmer! Those are dangerous in the hands of a criminal. LOL

  4. Saw this on Drudge. Left for for more real California news, much of it also scary if for other reasons than chainsaws.

  5. Earl Turner says:

    Another success for gun control! Every time someone uses a weapon other than a firearm it means one less gun crime. Gun grabbers only look at gun violence. They don’t care when people use other weapons instead of guns. Like gun ban poster child UK. They banned handguns. Now London murder rate is competing New York City. Killers use knives and machetes instead of guns.

  6. Richard Zoppo says:

    Why are private citizens allowed to own chain saws? Why aren’t they registered? No one should be allowed to take a chainsaw out with a chain still on it. Is it even legal to cut a tree in California. Only Police and State workers should be armed with chainsaws. SF is slipping up here, how did this escape the regulators?

    1. Kerry O'Brien says:

      Because chainsaws are made for – in fact, exist – to sever large branches and tree trunks. And AR-15s exist for…? Your comment was an example of a false analogy,

      1. Harold Gentry says:

        ar-15s -to destroy communism in the usa

  7. Ban chain saws with high capacity gas tanks.

  8. Luis Martinez says:

    Are there no men left in the Bay area? One good punch would have knocked out this pu**y…..

  9. Kolleen Weber says:

    Since he’s a white guy, they’ll throw the book at him. If he was Hispanic, he’d be given a commendation.

  10. Jim Johnston says:

    “I thought it was something serious. That’s why I started recording,” said Bluford. Here in flyover country, when someone starts threatening with a chainsaw, we first render them unable to move, then call the police, not start videoing! Crazy lefties on the coasts must think reality is the electronics, not the closed space of a BART train car. Stupid response.

  11. Tommy A says:

    LOL, They are electric, so unless he has two extension cords and an outlet nearby, he isn’t doing anything. No worse that holding a baseball bat and say he will knock your head off.

  12. Glenn Smith Sr. says:

    I wonder he underwent a comprehensive background check to acquire those chainsaws!!!! People don’t kill people, chainsaws kill people.

  13. tradergordo says:

    It was obviously a dumb thing to do, but I think it was just a goofy guy who had either stolen or bought the shiny new chainsaws and decided to joke around with them on his way home this Halloween. They still have the tags on them, so clearly there was no gas in them, and his comments seemed more like a joke than a serious threat.

  14. Michael Ryan says:

    Gee, if only they could have some way of defending themselves.. maybe with a gun.. oh, never mind!

  15. Greg Latvala says:

    Give him some Prozac and make him say he’s sorry he will be good as new…
    They were all extremely lucky!
    Imagine if he had actually acted out on his sick ideas.

  16. knowing San Fran, he must have been going to an S&M meet.

  17. Samuel Green says:

    Lunatics like this make me appreciate the 2nd Amendment. Already stopped one armed home invader this far. To think people in California cannot even own a can of pepper spray to defend themselves.

  18. John C. Gardner says:

    Just an up to date emulation of the famous Chinese folk hero “Li Qui” from “Outlaws of the Swamp”!

  19. Another reason people are leaving California. The entire state is a freak show with mindless idiots like this walking the streets freely.

  20. Rufus Beauregard says:

    Bruce Campbell wannabe.

  21. She couldn’t put her phone down for ONE QUESTION? Good grief…

  22. Steve Webb says:

    Oh great now Bart wont allow me to bring my chainsaw on the train

  23. Will Jamison says:

    A chain saw that is not running is nothing more than a heavy object. No real danger here. Somebody should have just shoved him to the floor and stepped on his neck.

  24. This reminds me of when those Texas dipsticks were carrying long guns around because it was legal and they wanted to make people accustomed to seeing long guns around. I pointed out that a long gun outside of a hunting lodge was weird enough that people were always going to look askance, much as if someone who wasn’t cutting down trees was just walking into restaurants and public conveyances while carrying a chain saw. People were going to think it was weird and feel threatened regardless of how legal it is to carry a chain saw (or, in Texas, a long gun).

    Looks like someone decided to take me up on that last.

    1. Bruce Harwell says:

      Some people are triggered by handguns, too; do we have to give up our rights whenever some Leftist wets their pants?

  25. Bruce Harwell says:

    I saw someone brandishing a ballpoint pen in public, too. Those suckers can put your eye out! We’ve got to have reasonable pen control!