EL CERRITO (CBS SF) — Five siblings who ran away from their temporary foster home in Stockton over the weekend have been found safe in an El Cerrito hotel, authorities announced early Wednesday morning.

The Stockton police said in a post on Twitter that the Richmond police aided in finding the children.

“All 5 children are back in protective custody,” the post read. “Thank you to everyone who assisted in this investigation.”

Investigators said that Jordan, Celementina and Jolana Davis and their older siblings Alana and Josiah Macadaan have been missing since Saturday. The children ranged in age from 4 to 16.

They had been placed in the Stockton foster home by Contra Costa County Child Protective Services and were believed to have fled back to the Bay Area.

Officials say the children took most of their belongings with them and after all leads grew cold over the weekend, Stockton police reached out to Bay Area agencies for assistance.

“We also spoke to a couple relatives and some friends just trying to figure out exactly where they would go, but so far we have no luck,” said Stockton police officer Joe Silva.