PARADISE (KPIX) – Suspected looters hoping to take advantage of people evacuated from the Camp Fire were arrested in the town of Paradise Saturday.

Police arrested two men who they say may have been trying to impersonate U.S. Forest Service personnel to gain access to the area.

The men were wearing yellow jackets similar to those used by the forest service. Investigators believe they were looking to burglarize homes that had been abandoned by their owners.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said any looters would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Authorities said there have been 53 reports of suspected looting in the fire zone.


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    1. Jay ND says:

      Now you left wing nuts want law and order? Well reap what you sew!

  1. Show their faces before we take chainsaws to them.

  2. Bob S says:

    in FL back during Hurricane Andrew they had signs up “you loot we shoot”
    of course you CAN’T do that in CA. Only crooks have rights there.

    1. Samuel Green says:

      Hurricane Katrina showed me that my post hurricane survival kit was missing a few things;

      When looters were taking pot shot at law enforcement officers, your on your own and in rare instances, one may be forced to self rescue.

      After Katrina, I bought better body armor and ceramics than I had when I was active duty Army. I also supplemented my defensive capacity by buying Fox Labs capsaicin cell extractors, so anyone trying to kick my front door can be sprayed with pepper sprayed through a closed and locked door.
      I once stopped an armed home invader with my sidearm, but responding police thought I might be the bad guy, even though I put up the sidearm as 911 directed, before the officers arrived. That stuff is just terrible.

      Having less than lethal self defense items is always a good idea, as a violent criminals actions dictate my response. If the threat is a mortal threat to my life, I’d grab a sidearm over my X26 Taser or my pepper spray options.

      It’s very moronic some states wont allow a law abiding citizen to own a less than lethal can of pepper spray or a non lethal electric weapon. Mind boggling really, as the police cannot always be where you need them.

    2. If Gillum manages to steal the election, he will ban and confiscate guns from white people during natural disasters, just like other black leaders have done. He will prosecute any white man that shoots a black person, regardless of the reason. He already stated he will rid ”stand your ground” and impose as much gun regulation as he can get away with.

      1. Karl Anglin says:

        Shame is a quality that some people will never know.

  3. Richard Wojcik says:

    shoot ’em. It always stop criminals.
    Let people/companies pick up for chimneys etc. all dead, fallen trees. It MIGHT grossly minimize forest fires – that is what President is telling.
    DiCaprio, world renown scientist (…) starts his version of “climate change” story.
    No, no no – tell us AGAIN about Global “warming”…-why it has disappeared???
    What has happen to “global WARMING”???
    I t was snowing in Chgo in first half of November. Do not tell me again that when it is sooo cold or sooo hot – it is “climate change”.
    There also is “brightness change” – called day and night.
    The insight of dicaprios is shockin’; shockin’.

  4. Robert Martin says:

    There is a special place in Hell for people like this.

  5. While dressed as a catholic priest, I was looting an orphanage after hurricane Katerina. While there I stumbled across a copy of the King James bible. I ended up pawning it for $15 bucks which I was able to score a dime bag with. Thank you Jesus!

    1. MathPhile says:

      I’ve got a solution for you waste of sperm….

  6. Why aren’t the cops summarily executing looters?

    1. mjazzguitar says:

      The New Orleans cops were getting rid of the ones they didn’t like.

  7. Darryl Graham says:

    They were just trying to take what ever they are entitled too before the fire destroys it.

  8. Jack Riley says:

    Illegals again?

  9. David Smith says:

    They probably are Forest Service workers. Didn’t they find those fire trucks filled with looted clothing during 911 buried under rubble as reported in the Washington Post before shelving the story? Why are civil servants always pure and exempt from criminal behavior? Good PR department I guess. After all they are bureaucrats and 90 % vote democrat.

  10. They represent the people that CA is spending all their money on instead of using it for land management and more firefighters and equipment….. How’s that for a Democratic controlled state??

  11. Stehr Va says:

    I will never understand why looters are not shot on the spot.

  12. Andy Howe says:

    If they self-identify as Forest Service personnel, who are we to judge?

  13. Robert Blum says:

    All one hears from California is to ban all firearms . . . Why not start with banning all campfires and outdoor grilling (with fire) ?

  14. Don Derflinger says:

    Shoot them! Problem solved.

  15. Richard Stenger says:

    Saw this on Drudge. Left for for more real California news.

  16. James Harvey says:

    Show their faces and post their addresses. Looters will be shot.

  17. Frank Papcin says:

    you don’t even know if they are illegal aliens because of their don’t ask, don’t tell policy , but more than likely it’s only another liberal democrat exercising their rights to loot

  18. Leftists will make fake rape claims to sway nominations, or pretend to be government workers to loot, or throw fraudulent ballots into elections they are losing. They have no honor or decency.

  19. Billy Bob says:

    Same people who started the fires???

  20. Sandy Johnson says:

    Shoot them on sight.

  21. rytwinger says:

    In lieu of shooting the looting filth, a nice twenty year prison stretch should be handed down.

  22. Elbert Colorado says:

    Of course there’s a lot of looting. Where else in the US do you see such a intensely materialist and lawless culture?

  23. Grace Williams says:

    Such low life. Words don’t describe their level. Need to be in prison for a looooong time

  24. Bob Morley says:

    That’s not NEARLY as bad as the Looters in Washington dressed as people who took an OATH to uphold the Constitution.

    1. John Beargrass says:

      Well said!

  25. Robt Ehring says:

    Welcome to the pelosi, waters jerry brown california

  26. Will Jamison says:

    I don’t know why they are standing up instead of face down in the dirt chewing on gravel.

  27. CA under 100% Democrat rule has become an unbelievable s–thole with a dismal, 3rd worldish quality of life.

  28. Emoh Nur says:

    Way back I knew of a guy who was on our local police force. He was real good at finding business establishment doors that were broken into. Of course this was a very long time ago and he was subsequently asked to resign from the department without any chance of any pension or benefit of any kind, he got off easy. I hope these stories of looters are followed through just to make sure these were really bad guys and not just another corrupted public employee taking advantage of a crisis like Eric Holder once said was a good thing to do.

  29. Jerry Snaper says:

    Muslims going to their mosques each day are harangued by the immams to attack all non believers by rape, murder, poisoning and burning their property. Could it be that moslems wanting to carry out these commands have started the fires?????

  30. David Sandbrook says:

    The backstory:
    They were caught by real Forest Service firefighters who immediately spotted they were impostors and looters. They were held and turned over to the Sheriff Dept.