CHICO (KPIX 5) – A horse jumped into a swimming pool to escape the flames from the Camp Fire. Someone in the neighborhood saw what had happened and helped rescue the animal from the water.

Other animals managed to escape the devastating fire in Butte County and there is an ongoing effort to reunite these pets with their owners.

At the Chico Airport, the lobby is now an emergency pet shelter. The animals are the lucky ones who managed to escape the fire alive but became separated from their owners

Jeannie Webb’s home burned in Paradise. She came to look for her beloved dog Travis.

“He’s a Dalmatian. Male. I didn’t get to go home and get him…and…I’m going to cry, sorry,” she said breaking down into tears.

Too emotional to talk, Jeannie didn’t find Travis here.

Jane Sharman Barnes also lost her home in Paradise. She came searching for her dogs, too.

“The fire was coming up the canyon and they closed off the road and I couldn’t get in,” she said crying. “I was probably 3 or 4 miles from my house and I couldn’t get to them.”

The women will continue searching and meanwhile supplies were pouring in from all over California – food, blanket and anything else one can imagine for pets.

The only thing missing is owners finding pets.


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