By Don Ford

SAN RAMON (KPIX 5) — A lot of people are donating and helping get supplies up to victims of the devastating Camp Fire, but one young man has a very different idea on how to get help to people quickly.

Camaron Lewis, the detailing manager at USA Hot Cars, usually loads expensive, classic muscle cars in his twenty-foot trailer. But he’s now filling it up with backpacks, duffel bags, luggage, laundry baskets, and clothes for males and females of all ages.

The twenty-foot enclosed car trailer that will be filled with donations for fire victims. (CBS)

Lewis believes that it’s not about which supplies get to the fire zone or how they get there that matters, but rather who resources don’t go to: government-sponsored agencies.

“The government agencies, from everything I’ve heard and seen, it seems like they’re making people jump through hoops, just dragging out the process,” said Lewis.

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Lewis plans to sidestep bureaucracy and go directly to his favorite charity, Oroville Hope Center, to help donate.

USA Hot Cars is donating both the trailer and its work space. Lewis’s boss Trinis Kassabian, co-owner of USA Hot Cars, also appreciates this approach.

“That means don’t go through the standard red tape. Take it directly to shelters,” said Kassabian.

The donation process is personal for for Lewis.

“I have a lot of family up there, in Oroville, Paradise and the surrounding area. My one Aunt, I received word that she’s safe, she out of there, but she did lose her home, right downtown,” said Lewis.

Lewis will tow the trailer up to the Oroville Hope Center on Sunday.


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    Please add some contact information to your article. (But not here in these mostly invisible comments.)

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