Sponsored By Food for Bay Area Families

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) ― Each day, thousands of Bay Area families are stretched beyond their financial limits. Often they are forced to choose between buying groceries, paying the rent or buying medicine.

For the 10th straight year, KPIX 5 and Whole Foods Market are teaming up to feed hungry families throughout the Bay Area during this holiday season.

At most Bay Area Whole Foods Market, you will be able to take part in the “Feed a Local Family” drive. Meanwhile, KPIX 5 will be staging for the 17th year its Food for Bay Area Families campaign to help raise funds for local Bay Area food banks.

Customers have two ways to donate at their local Bay Area Whole Food Markets stores. Cash donations of any amount came be made at the register and/or you can donate food items in barrels.

You can also make a cash donation to your area food bank:

Here are the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Food Donation

Please Do Donate:

  • Canned foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, soups)
  • Dried foods like beans, rice, pasta, soups, and packaged meals,
    like “Mac N’ Cheese”
  • Nutritional foods like peanut butter, powdered milk, shelf-stable
    soy milk
  • Cereal, cereal bars, and baby food
  • Non-perishable cooking ingredients like cooking oil and sugar
  • Items packaged in plastics or containers that won’t easily collapse

Please Do Not Donate:

  • Candy
  • “Dented” cans or packages which have been opened
  • Food items with “expired” dates
  • Foods YOU wouldn’t eat or feed to your family (“exotic” or
    very “spicy” foods)
  • Beauty aids or personal care items
  • Medicines
  • Food packaged in glass jars or bottles
  • Perishable foods
  • Alcohol


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