By Juliette Goodrich

RICHMOND (KPIX 5) — One of Bay Area Rapid Transit’s so-called Fleet of the Future cars along with three other current BART cars were defaced with graffiti while in a storage yard overnight in Richmond.

Vandals struck all four cars with mural-sized tagging. BART says the tagging happened in a storage yard near the Richmond Station sometime early Monday morning.

According to BART, a hole discovered in the chain link fence is likely how the taggers got into the yard.

BART didn’t elaborate on its security measures, but riders had some opinions about the latest tagging incident. “I think it’s unfortunate,” said passenger Eric Jordan. “We need to make sure these trains are good for the new generation.”

“Props to BART for the new trains and props to the artists,” said BART passenger Clara Hull. “Maybe security should be tightened, but these people seem to know what they are doing.“

BART spokesman James Allison said BART Police was investigating. Video from surveillance cameras in the train yard will be reviewed to see who is behind the taggings.


Juliette Goodrich