GILROY (KPIX 5) – A Gilroy couple was preparing for a cross-country move, but they decided to leave almost everything they have to victims of the Camp Fire.

Kim Ringeisen and his wife had packed up everything they own in preparation for a move to North Carolina, but they will be leaving California with very little.

Ringeisen is a combat veteran who was a part of the search and rescue team that responded to the Camp Fire. He has 15 years of search and rescue experience, and he says that what he saw at the scene of the Camp Fire was unimaginable.

“I was searching about 100 homes in Paradise,” he said.

He felt compelled to do more, which led him to a KCRA story about a firefighter who lost his home.

“I was looking for a firefighter that I could donate to,” Ringseisen said.

So the Gilroy couple emptied their home and loaded everything onto a 26-foot storage truck.

Kim Ringeisen closing the door of the storage room containing his and his wife’s belongings. (CBS)

Some of the belongings include furniture, an iMac and handmade dolls made by Ringeisen’s wife. He connected with Oroville firefighters and his household items will end up helping dozens of firefighters and families who lost their homes.

“We didn’t lose something to a fire very abruptly, so I think for us, it’s good. If we can donate everything we have, we’ll start over,” said Ringeisen.