By Andrea Nakano

PALO ALTO (KPIX) — Stanford University is taking action to curb what it considers dangerously high rates of alcohol consumption on campus.

The growing alcohol abuse issue on campus has prompted the provost to send an e-mail to all undergraduates. The school says it’s no longer a problem it can turn away from.

In an e-mail written by Provost Persis Drell, “students are regularly being transported to emergency rooms and an alarming rate of students are found passed out after a night out.”

Students interviewed by KPIX say they weren’t shocked to hear about the problem.

“Like most college campuses, drinking is a constant battle so it’s unsurprising,” said undergraduate student Tim Brakas.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse, roughly 1,800 students die of alcohol-related causes every year.

Stanford says it hasn’t had a death in two decades and hopes to keep it that way.

“One thing positive about the drinking issue is that there isn’t much of a peer pressure environment here,” a student named Liam said.

In order to curb this issue, the Stanford School of Law will be taking a deeper look into the data and policies to come up with recommendations in the winter quarter.

Some students would also like to see more of a medical-based approach to the problem.

Julia Briones says, “I don’t think alcohol is the only issue but, in many cases, mental health is a factor and we should look at the root of the problem.”

Stanford University will partner with the Jed Foundation, which addresses the link between mental health and alcohol abuse.

The university says it is looking at a comprehensive approach to solve the problem.


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