GUERNEVILLE (CBS SF) — Flood waters continued to flow through streets along the Russian River Friday, driving local residents like Sam Minniefield from their homes.

The National Weather Service extended a flood warning for the Russian River until Saturday morning. Levels climbed to 34-35 feet flood stage along the river on Friday, but the waters were receding.

“Moderate flooding is forecast along the lower Russian River,” the weather service predicted. “Numerous businesses and residences in the lowest sections of towns within the reach are expected to flood.”

Minnifield — who left his home Thursday night — lives along the river in Guerneville where about half a foot of water was in his garage.

“I’m 6 foot, it goes up above my knee,” he told KPIX 5. “It’s pretty deep out there.”

His neighbor, Edward Schulz, was also packing up.

“I think they want everyone to evacuate the neighborhood,” he told KPIX 5 Thursday night. “So I’m not planning on spending the night.”

Meanwhile, Guerneville Resident Chucky Wacker marveled at the recent onslaught on wet weather.

“I haven’t seen the river up like this in probably two years,” he said.

But it’s nothing new for those who’ve lived here a long time. They know the drill.

“We move everything that’s on the ground up to higher level ourselves and park out cars at the post office,” said Matt Lonardo.

Since early this week, forecasters said, parts of Healdsburg and Guerneville had gotten about 7 inches with 2-4 inches expected over the weekend as another wave of storms rolled into the area on Friday.

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