OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A freeway chase, intense standoff and search in the Caldecott Tunnel caused a traffic mess, and ended in an arrest and 2 injured officers.

Antioch Police and California Highway Patrol officers chased a suspect in a stolen car down Highway 24 and into the Caldecott Tunnel in Oakland.

The suspect hit 2 cars and fled on foot.

The ensuing search shut down a section of the tunnel for nearly 2 hours.

Police finally located and arrest the suspect, but not before he attempted 2 carjackings.

The suspect allegedly injured 2 Antioch officers by ramming their patrol cars and running one of them down as he made his escape.

Both officers suffered minor injuries.

Police said they found a loaded firearm on the suspect and narcotics in his car.

  1. Alebra Silver says:

    Charge the POS Federally since the anti car jacking statue would take POS like this away for life in a 4×4 cell.

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