NAPA (CBS SF) — The man who was shot dead by a Napa County sheriff’s deputy after he fired at her point blank during a traffic stop was a Mexican national in the country illegally after being deported multiple times, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Javier Hernandez-Morales shot at and missed Deputy Riley Jarecki during a traffic stop late Sunday night as she stood next to his driver-side window. Jarecki returned fire multiple times, killing Hernandez-Morales.

*This post contains graphic video content and is not suitable for children.*

ICE told KPIX 5 that Hernandez-Morales had been deported three times prior to 2011. After 2011, Hernandez-Morales was arrested a number of times for crimes including driving under the influence, battery on a peace officer, and probation violations.

Immigration officials said they issued detainers four separate times for Hernandez-Morales following his arrests but none were honored by local jails.

“ICE is grateful the deputy involved in this shooting was not harmed during this attack,” the agency said in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that our law enforcement partners and the community are subjected to dangerous consequences because of inflexible state laws that protect criminal aliens.”

“This incident may have been prevented if ICE had been notified about any of the multiple times Hernandez-Morales was released from local custody over the last few years. This is an impactful, scary example of how public safety is affected by laws or policies limiting local law enforcement agencies’ ability to cooperate with ICE.”

ICE said it issued three detainers for Hernandez-Morales to Napa County Jail in 2014, 2015 and 2016; and a detainer to Sonoma County Jail in 2016, none of which were honored.

Late Thursday afternoon, Napa County officials said they were complying with a change in state law in 2017.

“We are in compliance with state law. That is the law of the state of California, and the county intends to comply with state law,” said Napa County Supervisor Vallea Ramos.

“We have to continue to learn from these unfortunate incidents,” said Napa County Sheriff John Robertson. “Once we get all the facts, I think it’s going lead us to really understand the facts more, then make a decision if state law does need to be changed.”

After Sunday night’s shooting, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office released Deputy Jarecki’s bodycam video of the incident, which showed Hernandez-Morales quickly producing a handgun and firing at her head.

Undersheriff Crawford said it was “divine intervention” that kept Jarecki from getting shot.

“It’s pretty obvious that he [Hernandez Morales] intended to kill her,” said Crawford. “We are proud of the deputy’s composure and her fight to save her life.”

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  1. Felix D Morningside says:

    Maybe NOW the sheriff will assist ICE in deporting these dangerous felons?

    1. Of course the sheriff won’t because Hispanic groups and politicians will complain. After all not being allowing a person to sneak into the country and commit crimes is racist and xenophobic. Imagine asking that immigrants respect this country or turning over foreign criminals to ICE? Crazy.

      1. Jim Gilchrist says:

        Because so many of our political governors are gutless cowards who cringe like little mice whenever they are faced with controversy. Somehow, they think if they say nothing about the illegal alien invasion, then they will be re-elected since there will be no controversy about their political platforms.

        Furthermore, more illegal alien enablers yell and howl at them and call them racists, etc. while law-abiding, pro rule of law citizens seem to just carry on in a routine manner. You know, go to work, eat, sleep, party, watch sports on TV, and seldom ever get in the face of their political representative.

        Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project

      2. Then it’s up to the deputies to threaten to all quit en masse until the sheriff or other jail functionaries cooperate with ICE. It wouldn’t hurt if citizens all got on board this effort as well.

      3. Jim Gilchrist says:


        Perhaps the answer to this question is one of two options:

        (1) The City Police Chief or County Sheriff is literally too cowardly and gutless to enforce laws against what is rediculously referred to as a “preferred species” of people: illegal aliens. The police leaders also want to avoid “controversy” and stay on good terms with the political governors to whom they answer.

        (2) The Police Chiefs and County Sheriffs are themselves open-border/no-border zealots and deliberately evade the enforcement of any US laws against illegal aliens…unless the illegal alien happens to shoot one of their own.

        Regardless of which reason our law enforcement has refused to enforce the law against illegal aliens, there is little to nothing the general public can do about it in the short run.

        If you riot in the streets, you will be arrested and end up in jail and criminal court…UNLESS you are a member of the Democrat Party’s ANTIFA thugs. If you vigorously complain, under the First Amendment, in the public square about the reckless lax of law enforcement, your pleas will be ignored.

        Law enforcement personnel rely on their handlers: city mayors, state governors, and county supervisors to keep their jobs in most cases. If they attempt to defy rogue political leaders like California’s governor, and many of its mayors and other fanatical open-border politicians,
        then they put their livelihoods at risk. There are countless others ready to take their jobs, even if it means only selectively enforcing our laws depending on the whim of the politician who “handles” them.

        This is why a FEDERAL declaration of martial law, if such a thing exists, is necessary to bring the Confederate State of California back under the heralded principle of “rule of law.” Without adherence to the concept that has kept our nation a free and civilized nation, expanding defiance and eventually anarchy will prevail. Good bye civilized society. The rules of law will be whatever some mayor, supervisor, or governor thinks it should be at any given minute.

        Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
        -a multiethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group-

  2. John Leyendecker says:

    Probably not. California IS a sanctuary state for criminals, isn’t it?

  3. Sue the sanctuary cities for criminal negligence. Sue them until their broke.

  4. Jim Gilchrist says:

    Few of us really give a damn about “senseless” state laws enacted by equally senseless politicians who continue to engage in selfish opportunism for personal political gain while putting the safety of our society at risk.

    Over the past five decades many, many thousands of American residents, including police officers, have been ruthlessly murdered and killed at the hands of illegal aliens who occupy US territory in blatant defiance of the rule of law. Many thousands of them have been children!

    Americans are fed up with political tyrants like Governor Gavin Newsome, and California Mayors who blatantly and ignorantly deprive of US law enforcement from doing the jobs the American people want them to do!

    I am ready for the Union to install martial law, if necessary, in California, and bring to justice all those deranged Democrat Party fanatics who have done this to our nation. I stand with the Union, not the Confederate state of California or its affiliate, ANTIFA.

  5. Brad Michael Tankersley says:

    Maybe if the celebrity govenor’s or some other politicians’ kids start getting killed, they’ll fix it?

  6. RickeyD says:

    Another illegal alien (arrested 3-times prior) bites the dust in a police shooting. Why are these illegal aliens in America? Why are far too many of our Democrat and Republican elected officials, mayors, police administrators, such gutless cowards?

  7. Michael Greenlee says:

    Finally, a feel good story!