OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Picket lines went up outside Oakland schools early Thursday after negotiators failed to reach an agreement on a new contract. What is a parent to do?

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Here’s a short guide with the help of the school district as to what impact the strike will have on the daily routine of students.

    • Oakland Schools will remain open and students are expected to attend.
    • School principals, office staff and qualified temporary emergency teachers and support staff will educate and supervise students during the strike.
    • The temporary teachers will not be picking up lesson plans where our OUSD teachers left off, but principals will have access to appropriate instructional plans.
    • The school district wants to stress that these applicants are qualified individuals who will be fully vetted – just as any District employee is vetted – before offers of temporary employment are made.
    • Striking teachers are permitted to peacefully picket outside of school grounds.
    • Special Education programs will have modified schedules and programming.
    • Special Education administrators will be supporting classified staff in ensuring students are supervised during the school day and have appropriate instructional materials and activities.
    • During a potential teacher strike, our transportation vendor, First Student, will continue to provide transportation for all students who receive this service.
    • School nutrition services will provide lunch service during a strike. Breakfast choices will be simplified and available in the school’s respective cafeteria, kitchen or multipurpose room.
    • All state and federally funded afterschool programs will remain in effect.
    • Make sure your school has an updated list of your child’s medications. Develop a plan with your school administrator to administer medicine, particularly emergency injections like Epipens and Glucagon.
    • The Salvation Army in Oakland (located at 2794 Garden Street) will open its after-school classrooms for students who may be affected by the possible Oakland teachers strike. Up to 100 Oakland Unified School District students, from kindergarten to fifth graders, can utilize the rooms from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Initial plan is to open the classrooms through this Friday.

    In partnership with the Oakland Education Association (OEA), Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development (OPRYD) will open 15 recreation centers between 8 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday, as early as Wednesday, February 20:

    • Allendale
    • Arroyo Viejo
    • Brookdale
    • Bushrod
    • Carmen Flores
    • DeFremery
    • Dimond
    • Ira Jenkins
    • FM Smith
    • Franklin
    • Golden Gate
    • Manzanita
    • Montclair
    • San Antonio
    • Redwood Heights

    KPIX 70: 1996 Oakland Teacher Strike:

    Here are the requirements that temporary teachers must fulfill

        • Bachelor’s degree with a 2.7 GPA or higher
        • Successful completion of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) or eligibility for CBEST Waiver based on undergrad transcripts
        • Strong references from the last three years of work experience
        • A successful interview conducted by the Recruitment and Selection staff
        • Fingerprint and health clearance
        • Authorization to work in the U.S