BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Police at the University of California at Berkeley have released a new photo of a man suspected of assaulting a volunteer with a conservative group Tuesday afternoon in Sproul Plaza.

UC Berkeley police released this photo of a man suspected of injuring a student Tuesday afternoon in Sproul Plaza

The victim told police he was at a table for the student group Turning Point USA when two men came up and started arguing.

The suspect knocked over the table and punched the victim several times, injuring the man’s nose and eye, police said. The suspect left before officers arrived.

In response to the attack, Chancellor Carol Christ sent a statement to the campus community condemning “violence and harassment of any sort, for any reason.”

“That sort of behavior is intolerable and has no place here,” Christ said.

The incident was recorded by two Cal students with cellphones and video of the encounter has since gone viral.

In the video, a man in black can be seen shoving Hayden Williams, a volunteer with conservative group Talking Points USA. On his table in Upper Sproul was a sign that read, “Hate Crimes Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims” — a reference to the Jussie Smollett case — and another saying “This is MAGA Country.”

Police do not believe the suspect is a student or affiliated with the university. They are asking anyone who has information about the case or the suspect in the photograph to call them at (510) 642-6760.

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Comments (20)
  1. Chin Gao says:

    Fake news. Whole thing staged. Puncher looks a bit too hardended/roided to be tofu eating, granola snacking, Berkeleyite. This guy is a midwest, cornfed, good old boy, alt-righter.

  2. Jake McDermott says:

    News flash, Chin Gao — nothing was staged, the puncher is local Antifa. So no he doesn’t go to school there, but he is one of yours, lefty. Can’t wait til he’s outed and he starts meeting bigger people interested in uh “discussing things,” than the small fry he sucker-punched.

    1. Chin Gao says:

      Keep pulling things out of your *** Jake… News flash: as of right now, suspect has not been I.D.d. So much for your “local Antifa” BS. As for the “one of yours, lefty”, you must have had help reaching that far up inside you to pull THAT one out! Good one spanky! Sucker punch my a**!!

      1. Jake McDermott says:

        Sorry Chump, I mean uh, Chin… the rat has been ratted out:

        “Responding quickly to information provided by members of the UC Berkeley campus community, the University of California Police Department (UCPD) has identified a potential suspect in the violent crime that occurred on February 19th, 2019 on the Sproul Plaza (UCPD case #19-00455). Based on current information available to the department, the suspect is not a student at, or affiliate of, the University.”

        They know who he is. So do the locals, he’s said to be the same punk who sucker punched another guy and knocked him out. So this loser has a history of sucker punching. Just like you have a history of being a sucker.

      2. Greg Miller says:

        The attackers name is Michael Hornsby he almost 30 and is NOT a student, he is a member of Antifa.

  3. Ramsey Stolid says:

    Stick him in a cell with Big Bubba.

  4. Jerry Newman says:

    We liberals need to leave the violence to the far right, white supremacists, Nazis, and trumpers. We cannot act violently. Anyone who does act violently is betraying liberalism.

    1. Jim Iavarone says:

      I’ve got news for you Jerry liberals are just as bad, in some cases worse, you’re making this country look like pre world war 2 Germany.

    2. white supremacists – AKA KKK, which was started and ran by the Democrats
      Nazis – AKA socialists, which are 100% the Democrats
      trumpers – AKA Americans not beholden to globalist foreign interests

      1. Patrick Leary says:

        Nailed it

    3. Emilio Aymat says:

      Liberals just like cons and ALL political people, are coercive, authoritarian and statist. U don’t think the homelessness criss in California caused by u classist “progressive”s is violent to those forced into homelessness? And ur hero, Obama was a mass murderer in case u werent aware. Brainwashed fool! F*** u and ur classist, gentrifying yuppie pals!😡

  5. Kevin Nicewanger says:

    Typical reaction of someone who is too thick to express their thoughts using words. Everyone standing around watching, and even worse, filming, are complicit in this moronic act of cowardice.

  6. John Russell says:

    I want to find him and beat his A zz. Dude is not even a good fighter but he thinks he is a bad azz. I would clean his clock.