OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A KPIX 5 news crew covering the Oakland teachers strike was robbed of a camera and tripod by two suspects, one of whom shot the crew’s security guard before fleeing on Sunday evening.

Before 5 p.m. Sunday, reporter Joe Vazquez and photographer John Anglin were gathering interviews for the strike at the Oakland Library near 81st Ave. when they were robbed of their equipment.

The KPIX 5 crew was outside their news van when a car pulled up. Two suspects got out of the car and one pulled a gun on the crew, demanding their camera. The crew surrendered the equipment and then began walking back to the van.

One suspect and the security guard exchanged fire. The guard was shot in the upper leg, transported to Highland Hospital and listed in stable condition.

At 6:56 p.m., Oakland police officers engaged in a pursuit of a champagne-colored Lexus sedan in connection with the shooting. The driver crashed the vehicle into several cars before stopping between Fairfax and Vicksburg Ave. Police detained the driver.

Surveillance video of the pursuit showed the suspect vehicle driving extremely fast in a tight area.

Alameda County Sheriff spokesperson Sgt. Ray Kelly said that around 5:15 p.m., a 21-year-old man walked into Highland Hospital, seeking treatment of several gunshot wounds. Deputies detained the man and Oakland police arrested him in connection with the shooting.

Oakland Police Public Information Officer Johanna Watson confirmed that the department had detained several other individuals in connection with the armed robbery and shooting. As a result, the stolen camera was recovered.

Vasquez and Anglin were said to be OK, but understandably shaken up.

Police said they will give a public update on the incident sometime on Monday. The guard who was shot is a retired Berkeley police officer.

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  1. Paula Nissen Miller says:

    Praying for a speedy recovery for Matt Meredith and the KPIX news crew.

  2. NO Way !!! … This is a severely gun free area. (/sarc.) Hope the security guard isn’t in much pain and recovers soon. Too bad he wasn’t able to nail his attacker with a round between the eyes. Glad I live in Texas where we can legally go armed, even into banks, and have far fewer shootings.

    1. Marian Decamp says:

      What? Don’t you realize these attackers are poor victims of racism and poverty and need to buy their babies new shoes? These news people are always covering them negatively and are Trump supporters, so they deserve to be attacked. Just ask Maxine Watters.

      1. Steve Decamp says:

        But, but, but, why did the security guard have a gun ? isn’t that “against” all that msm news networks stand for ? Rules for thee, just not for me, Just sayin.

    2. jwden123 says:

      I have driven through Oakland a few times. It is nothing but a black Ghetto. Stay away if you value your safety.

  3. Shane Behling says:

    Leftist sh1topia!!!

  4. tngilmer says:

    When the leftists are the victims of the the monsters of their own creation and promotion, you cannot help but giggle at the Karma.

  5. Chris Richards says:

    Looks like they are dealing with the scabs in an effective manner

  6. I left Oakland in 1976…. Good riddance. It was bad then it is a $hit hole now…

  7. Ken Bradley says:

    Thank God your crew is O.K. and we pray for your security guard. Perhaps if he was carrying a long gun like he could in many other states just the appearance of good security would have stopped this.

  8. curls1 says:

    Just another wingnut happening in Newsom;s California.

  9. Johan Lapje says:

    It must been those blond “Norwegian” tourists again committing crimes!

  10. Let me guess. A group of “teens.” All’s well in Libt2rdistan. And you ain’t seen nutthin’ yet.

  11. CBS sources state that after the white suspects stole the equipment and shot the security guard they yelled, “This is MAGA country!”

    1. jwden123 says:

      Is that sarcasm, or are you a moron?

  12. Mike Miller says:


    HEY !


    Can we get a description of the suspects or are we just supposed to assume it’s The Norwegian American Buddhist Appreciation Society Chess Club out robbing and thieving again?

    Asking for a friend.

    1. Silly Mike. When the liberal media doesn’t give a description, you have it. It is unspoken. Like he hit me in the head with a rock. The “hard” part is understood.

  13. Marcus Welby says:

    I hear it was 2 white maga hat wearing guys shouting racial slurs and throwing bleach….no really I’m super cereal! excelsior!

  14. Michael Wolfe says:

    No crime here. They are Mad Maxine and Occasionally-Cortez supporters. All they wanted was their fair share.

  15. Jenni Forest says:

    Did the Mayor get a chance to warn the suspects that they were about to get arrested?

  16. Most of us who live near urban areas, most especially those governmened by Democrats and that have severe gun control, know there are places you just don’t go. Where there is 100% probability that you will be, at the least, robbed and beaten up. Where I live, my suburbanite neighbors assiduously avoid the entire city. That means empty restaurants, stadiums and other businesses.
    I realize that there is no “news” without pictures on the local news stations. But, even they are learning that there are places you just don’t go. War zones are safer. At least you have American soldiers with real weapons to protect you.
    Just use drones and keep a safe distance away from your gun free zones and sanctuary cities.

  17. David Alster says:

    Why do news crews need security guards?

  18. Warrior of GOD says:

    It’s amazing how many crimes are committed with a gun in “gun free zones”….More proof they work…..NOT!!!!!

  19. John Oakman says:

    Luv it when msm is given a dose of their protected species.

  20. apparently the mugshot camera is broken…

  21. Mike Woods says:

    Just another normal day in a democrat utopia!

  22. Big Mama says:

    Wheres KamelToe? That’s her..according to her…HOME TOWN..

  23. Tony Oberley says:

    Isn’t the news crew racist for reporting this crime?

  24. Bocephus Thibodaux says:


  25. Whhaaa? You mean a TRAINED & ARMED security guard was hired to protect the camera guys against bad thugs with guns??? Now why wouldn’t that work for little kids in schools?

  26. dt60093 says:

    They take security guards with them when they go into “dicey” neighborhoods. Anyone else doing the same would be called racist. It is illegal for a poor cab driver to turn down someone who wants to go to one of these neighborhoods. Would this be a no-go zone?

  27. I read endless stories about how Oakland is ‘getting better’ but when a news crew with and ARMED security gets attacked I know that it’s the same stinking hole it has always been.