SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — As the city of South San Francisco draws up plans for a proposed new housing community, some are raising concerns about the development’s proximity to the San Andreas Fault.

Some neighbors are against the project, worried that the new housing development could create traffic and safety issues. Others are questioning the logic of building 22 single-family homes on five acres situated on top of the San Andreas Fault line.

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The wide open lot on the corner of Westborough Boulevard and Oakmont Drive is slated to become the new home to Oakmont Meadows. It will have a mix of three bedroom and four bedroom single-family homes.

South San Francisco Planning Manager Sailesh Mehra says the city is in need of housing. However, this particular community will be built on shaky ground with the San Andreas Fault running right underneath it. The homes will require special construction to make sure they are up to code.

“In this case, with the proximity to the fault line, the construction has to move. So the houses will have to have some sort of give, or have lateral give,” said Mehra.

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Besides the issues with earthquake safety, neighbors are concerned about increased, traffic congestion and noise. Marvin and his family live on the corner lot on Oakmont Drive. With the proposed new development, the empty lot next to him will be replaced with a driveway and a cluster of homes.

Marvin and his neighbors have voiced their opposition to the project. Marvin said when he spoke out at public meetings, “Didn’t make a difference. They don’t hear us.”

Another neighbor, Thelma Aviles, agreed. “If they’re going to do it, there’s nothing you can do about it,” said Aviles.

The developer says they have done study after study to make sure the location is a safe spot to build. Michael Banducci with Warmington Residential says the older homes in the neighborhood are at a greater risk of suffering damage during an earthquake.

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The city of South San Francisco is currently holding a sub-committee meeting on this development Monday. The findings of that meeting will be presented to the city council on Wednesday. If it gets approved, developers could break ground on the project as soon as this fall.