WASHINGTON (CBS SF / CNN) — America’s top general said Thursday that Mountain View-based Google’s work in China “is indirectly benefiting the Chinese military.”

“The work that Google is doing in China is indirectly benefiting the Chinese military and I’ve been very public on this issue as well,” Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said while testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“We watch with great concern when industry partners work in China knowing that there is that indirect benefit and frankly indirect may be not a full characterization of the way it really is, it’s more of a direct benefit to the Chinese military,” Dunford added.

Dunford has long questioned why US-based tech firms have resisted working with the Department of Defense while simultaneously doing business with geopolitical competitors like China.

CNN previously reported that Google intended to end its cooperation with the Pentagon on several projects, including the Project Maven program which used artificial intelligence to enhance military drone operations following complaints from employees.

The company also recently dropped a bid for a Pentagon cloud storage contract, citing concerns that working with the Defense Department could conflict with its principles.

“The way I described it to our industry partners is: look we’re the good guys and the values that we represent and the system we represent is the one that will allow and has allowed you to thrive,” Dunford said Thursday.

Google has “a lack of willingness to support DoD programs,” acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan also told the committee on Thursday.

He said that China often uses civilian technology to bolster its military forces.

“The technology that is developed in the civil world, transfers to the military world, it’s a direct pipeline,” Shanahan said.

Google’s lack of willingness to work with the Pentagon while simultaneously doing business with China was slammed by Sen. Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri.

“We are in a struggle with the Chinese government over whether or not they’re going to become a regional and maybe global hegemon with values very different from ours, certainly values that do not favor freedom in the world,” Hawley said.

“We have an American company that does not want to do work with our defense department which is one thing, but they’re happy to help the Chinese, at least the Chinese government that is, the Chinese military, at least indirectly, I think that’s just extraordinary,” he added.

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  1. Dino Smith says:

    Google is run by a russian…does that not tell you everything?

    If everyone installed adblock google would go bankrupt.

    1. Gleen Lewis says:

      So said to see china steal US secrets ,India copy whole US Data to Data center in INDIA. After 10years ,Everyone going to shout INDIA stolen our DATA. The Greed American will sell everyone. The Globalist just see every American has a commodity

      1. Warden Clyffe says:

        The only persons shouting that, will be those too inept to grasp the concept of simple verb tense. Smart, capable people will note that India ‘stole’ our data, or has stolen our data. We’re also bright enough to use the simple plural ‘globalists’ when referencing more than one person.

        Dummies constantly seek attention by shouting or using all caps theatrics.

  2. Jeff Chaffin says:

    For all of the “do no evil” rhetoric, when it comes down to it, Google supports repressive communist regimes. Google needs to be broken up.

  3. Frank Walker says:

    It is true most of America has values which differ from those of China. But Google’s values are far closer to China’s than they are to our American values. Desire for cooperation with China and dislike for America are woven deeply into Google’s culture.

  4. Jimmy Kilpatrick says:

    Comrade Google and all the employees’ lock-step with the Reds. Well at least we have someone to blame.

  5. Evets Randob says:

    Politicians are going after Trump and anyone connected with him for just a rumor of ties with the Russians and yet they do nothing about the CEOs of these companies, e.g., Google.

  6. Steve Carr says:

    Fastest growing no tracking search engine Lookseek.com owned by conservatives pass it on have a good day

  7. Kevin Bearly says:

    Why would anyone be surprised that a Bolshevik Christian hating punk would use his company to destroy us and buildup the communists his forefathers created.

  8. Dan Komperda says:

    Bill Clinton essentially wiped out any strategic advantage the U.S. had by selling advanced U.S. missile technology to our enemy, the People’s Republic of China. In return, China donated millions to the Clinton /Gore ’96 election campaign followed by a 2 million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation in 1999. It became known as Chinagate, the most serious scandal in US history.

  9. Google’s Project Dragonfly was said to be abandoned, yet Google hasn’t abandoned their love for PRC ChiComs’ values. San Francisco’s colluding technocrats (Google, Facebook, Twitter &c.) care not that commie regimes control absolutely every facet of their citizen’s lives, because they are comprised of fellow travelers, far-left Democrats, who desire the same one-Party CONTROL over USA’s citizens as China has over theirs. If only they could only get rid of our pesky Constitution!

  10. Charles Tomey says:

    Enemy held territory. Many immigrants employed

  11. Big Mama says:

    Run by a Globalist Indian

  12. Paul says:

    Google is indirectly benefiting the chines Military? Well so are Research and development companies across the entire USA. They have employees from China here in the United States learning our technology so they can support the Chinese factories that make American product. The Chinese steal everything. So do the Russians. You cannot stop them because American laws do not apply to communist outcries. So if the enemies of this country can build product and learn from American scientists then we are training them to make everything we have and use. These are our friends. They can steal patents and no recourse and they have and will continue to do so. Why have China build it? America Technology should stay here and we should not be manufacturing in Enemy countries. What technology do you suppose they will be using in the South China Sea conflict?