SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District’s board of directors on Friday will consider a proposal to increase tolls on the bridge over five years starting July 1.

There are five toll increase scenarios and the board’s finance and auditing committee has recommended considering option three or option five.

Option three is a 30-cent yearly increase to FasTrak, a 20-cent yearly increase to Pay-As-You-Go and a 35-cent yearly increase under invoice billing. FasTrak would increase to $8.50, Pay-As-You-Go to $9 and invoice billing to $9.75 over five years. It would raise approximately $90 million over five years.

Option five would increase FasTrak 35 cents a year, Pay-As-You-Go 20 cents a year and invoice billing 35 cents a year. FasTrak would increase to $8.75, Pay-As-You-Go to $9 and invoice billing to $9.75 over the five-year period. Option five would raise an estimated $100 million over five years.

The bridge district says the five-year toll increases are necessary because it needs $75 million over that period for operations, the purchasing or leasing of supplies and materials, financial reserves and requirements and for capital projects that are necessary to maintain service.

As of March 5, the district had received 53 public comments, 37 of which were opposed to toll hikes. Seven comments were in favor of the toll increase and eight favored an different revenue-raising proposal.

The board meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday in the board’s office in the Toll Plaza building.

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  1. David Ferguson says:

    So many Toll increases over the past few years and yet the inspection and repair of the Bridge’s 2 Main Cables has not been implemented since the 1970’s. The GGB Governing Board is a disgrace and should be publicly audited. Where is the money being spent and what safety dangers lurk in the Golden Gate Bridge?