OAKLAND (CBS SF) — BART Police arrested a 16-year-old boy Friday afternoon for murdering a 17-year-old girl outside the West Oakland BART Station.

BART police said the teenage boy was taken into custody shortly before 1 p.m. No other details were immediately available.

Investigators say the victim was found suffering from gunshot wounds in the parking lot of the BART station around 10:45 Thursday evening. Paramedics rushed the young woman to Highland Hospital where she later died.

“The shooting did not involve any BART passengers and it did not involve a robbery or the targeting of BART riders,” BART officials said in a press release. “The shooting is an isolated incident that began on the streets of the city of Oakland and ended at our parking lot…The parties involved are known to each other.”

Investigators said the suspect was identified through witness statements and an arrest warrant was obtained Friday morning. The Oakland Police Department took the juvenile into custody outside his home in Oakland.

“Now the case will be turned over to the District Attorney,” said BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas. “Our robust surveillance network captured the incident and will play a critical role in the prosecution.”

BART police said the shooting took place at 10:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the 7th St. side of the West Oakland BART station. The teenage victim was transported to Highland Hospital where she was later pronounced deceased.

Scene of fatal shooting outside the West Oakland BART station, March 28, 2019. (CBS)

Scene of fatal shooting outside the West Oakland BART station, March 28, 2019. (CBS)

The station was closed from about 10:40 p.m. to 11:15 p.m. while the victim was being treated. It was reopened later and is open this morning without any impact to service.

On Friday, passengers at the West Oakland station were stunned by the news of the shooting.

“It’s pretty dangerous,” Joanna Savoi told KPIX 5. “But I usually don’t ride alone. I’m either with my mom or my girlfriend…There’s a lot people who try to rob people when it’s late at night. And there’s a lot of homeless people. A lot of territory gangbanging.”

Anna Hairston said she is always little on edge when using the station at night.

“I’m always a little bit cautious,” she said. “But the fact that someone actually got shot and killed, that’s really concerning.”