By Andrea Nakano

VALLEJO (KPIX) – A quick-thinking neighbor made a life-saving call when she witnessed a mother and her young son getting viciously mauled by three pitbulls.

It happened around 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

Dorris Hutcherson said she was just pulling into her driveway when she heard chilling screams coming from her next door neighbor’s house.

She immediately called 911 when she saw 3 dogs repeatedly attacking a 47-year-old woman and her 3-year-old son.

Hutcherson said she couldn’t believe what she saw over the fence from her backyard.

“I saw those dogs eating at her and the baby,” said Hutcherson. “I said ooh… they are trying to kill her.”

She said the male pitbull of the pack wouldn’t let go of the woman and the toddler.

Hutcherson’s husband Steve tried to distract the dogs by making noise but with no success. He was heartbroken to see the mother trying to cover up her son, struggling to save her child’s life.

“You see the mother laying there. You’re fighting for your life and your baby’s life. It kind of gets you in here,” he said.

The Hutchersons said the dogs mauled mostly the head area of both the mother and child. They say they have never seen these dogs in their neighbors home until last night.

“We did not know they were there,” said Dorris Hutcherson. “You see that fence down from the wind, we weren’t in a hurry to fix it because we didn’t know they were there.”

Vallejo police say the dogs belong to an adult relative who recently moved into the house.

When officers arrived, they used pepper spray to separate the dogs from the woman and her child.

The dogs are now quarantined at the Solano County Animal Shelter, and the victims are in stable condition at two East Bay hospitals.

The Hutchersons are thankful to hear that they are recovering but they are haunted by the graphic images they saw.

“They’re in my dreams, screaming and hollering, it’s just traumatic,” said Dorris Hutcherson.

The Vallejo Police Department is still investigation this case.

No word yet on what will happen with the dogs or if any charges will be filed.

During the 10-day quarantine, Animal Control will observe the dogs for any signs of rabies.

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  1. Dale Rostamo says:

    50% of dog bites in the us are from pit bulls. It’s the reason they are banned from us military installations. I am a dog lover, but these are dangerous animals.