By Len Ramirez

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – California is moving toward banning those little bottles of shampoo you get in hotel rooms.

“In California alone, hotels use hundreds of millions of single use plastic bottles every year,” said Assemblymember Ash Kalra of San Jose.

Kalra is co-authoring a bill that would ban the tiny plastic bottles at almost 10,000 hotels state wide.

“We can get those bottles out of the waste stream, but also cut the production of them, which is also harmful to the environment,” he said.

Last year Santa Cruz County became the first jurisdiction in California to ban the small bottles.

“This is a significant step forward to make sure that these bottles do not get into the bay,” said Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zack Friend.

Karla’s bill, AB 1162 is working its way through committees in Sacramento. If it passes on the assembly floor later this year, the ban would not take effect for at least three years.


Comments (82)
  1. Jean says:

    Oh, great. What next in California? Love,Jean

  2. dawg, what about Keurig k cups.. i means they are my shampoo bottle every morning ..

    1. Dave Hardesty says:

      Use the refillable cups you can get with your own grind.

  3. Scott Buehler says:

    What about plastic in packaging at supermarkets? Ban that and you’ll have my attention. Milk cartons, meat packaging, personal hygiene isle, etc. Stop it at the source.

    1. stpaulchuck says:

      brilliant. And then what are the suppliers supposed to use? What do you have that will keep meat fresh for days that we can see into? Are we to go back to tin cans for dry goods and liquids? Or bulky old fashion glass containers?

      Perhaps you do not bother to do any research. More than 90% of plastic in the oceans is from the third world. Any place with a river system emptying into the oceans like China, Brazil, Viet Nam, etc. You might better spend your time getting them to stop throwing their trash into the rivers. But then that would take some work instead of whinging on about the very little plastic America lets hit the oceans, something like 1% to 2% at most.

      1. Raymond Fleischman says:

        You sir are correct!

  4. Peter York says:

    Ash Kalra was later seen pestering children about how many times they chew each bite, then he climbed a construction scaffold to tell the workers how to hold their hammers.

  5. I was at a trendy hotel a couple years ago that went to pump dispensers.

    someone peed in the dispensers and everyone freaked out.

    Sometimes there is a reason things like single serving bottles exist.

  6. Lorde Kitchener says:

    Ban hand lotion in hotel rooms? Men will not be happy.

  7. Doug Day says:

    Make them out of blue glass. Problem solved. Nice beach glass

  8. Chris McClelland says:

    When California outlaws little shampoo bottles, only outlaws will have little shampoo bottles. On the bright side, you DO have a super abundance of illegal aliens. Oh wait, that’s not a good thing….

    Thank your so-called political “representatives”. Thank them by voting out ALL Democrats and RINOS.

  9. Bob Stevens says:

    The bravery of California Democrats is inspiring, NO SOAP FOR YOU!

    1. Alan Smithee says:

      Reminds me of Batman (1989) moview where the news anchors stop wearing makeup after the Joker poisons beauty hygeine products in Gotham.

  10. Andrew Ziolo says:

    TSA prohibits traveling with large bottles creating dependance on hotels for small bottles. Now regulation is killing the small hotel bottles making the process of cleaning up on a trip a hassle. I suppose we will have to buy large bottles and toss out them out before the returning flight. More cost more waste.

  11. Martin Watson says:

    There are too many laws on the books already. Legislators should be required to repeal one law for every new law they make

    1. Morris Fraser says:

      Almost perfect. Make is four laws eliminated to every new law passed, and we’re good to go.

  12. Ed Christie says:

    Hell…..while California’s at it, might as well save water by not washing hotel sheets and towels. Let’s see how that works for ya!

  13. Peter White says:

    That’s true – what’s next ? There is “some point” being made here, but people like their little treats, even if we end up paying for it (which we do). California is a little too “politically correct” anymore – and I’m a native. How about “affordable” housing ? Forget it – that dream died out loooooooooooooooooooong ago. Happy Bay Area ! (not )

  14. Dean Humphus says:

    California legislators tackle these little issues because they are too stupid and cowardly to tackle real California issues.

    1. Dave Hardesty says:

      It’s just done to make stupid CA citizens to think their government is doing something.

  15. Richard Baker says:

    Why anyone still lives in California is beyond me.

  16. Sarah Santori says:

    Insanity runs rampant in California. Why would any one want to live in this morally, socially and financially bankrupt and corrupt state?

  17. California = State of rampant stupidity.

  18. Kathy Bullock says:

    How long are we going to put up with these idiots! We all complain but we continue to vote the same party into office. We need to stop IT! NOW!!!!

  19. Pretty soon, Californians would be required to use out-houses only so as not to waste water …

  20. illinoisatlarge says:

    California is tackling the TSA head on about what can be carried on flights?

  21. Rick Medved says:

    I’m as conservative as you get and hate eco-terrorists as much as the next guy, but I’m actually fine with this law. Let people bring their own shampoo or provide one big refillable bottle for everyone. who cares if people don’t get “free” shampoo? Bring your own.

    1. Carol C. Thurston says:

      You missed the comment above in which someone mentioned a customer urinating into shampoo dispensers

  22. John Waddington says:

    so people go to a motel wash their hair and throw the bottle in the bay ?

    I smell lies

  23. Tommy Udo says:

    Instead , lets drop 150,000 illegals into the Pacific Heights neighborhood of SanFran , that would be more acceptable to nanny-state California.

  24. Stu Kazzo says:

    I urge all travelers from free states to bring your own small bottles when you visit California.

  25. Sonja Hill-Virden says:

    Ridiculous. Will someone PLEASE introduce these “small bottle “ haters to REAL issues of concern. Does it bother anyone else, that these Californians want to dictate to free enterprise?

  26. Kay Linley says:

    More freakin’ illegal aliens than you can shake a stick at, and the CA nuts and fruits are worried about tiny little shampoo and conditioner bottles…..go figure! LMFAO as these nut jobs get more ridiculous every freakin’ day!

  27. Why not baby diapers and adult diapers. I dare you to ban.

  28. Linda Stoffey says:

    Mark my words: They’ll start using little condiment sized plastic/foil bags like you get from fast food restaurants. Not the hard plastic tiny bottles, but more dangerous pieces wildlife will swallow.
    You’ll find them in dead mammals on the beaches. Try to take any with you in your luggage and risk some of them popping and getting all over your stuff in the plane baggage compartment.

  29. Dennis Patten says:

    Pretty soon everyone who isn’t part of the governing class or glitterati in California will be living in grass huts and using outhouses, while covered head to toe in filth. The nanny-state people will love it. It’s their ultimate goal.

  30. California will ban breathing by all humans starting next month. Urination and defecation will also be banned for any persons who are not homeless.

  31. Why don’t they just quit throwing trash into the bay?

  32. stpaulchuck says:

    My oh my, that will certainly stop the 90% of plastic in the oceans that comes from third world countries alright. That massive 1% to 2% of the oceanic plastic from America will set things right.

  33. 1) Plastic bags 2) Plastic Straws 3) Take out Styrofoam now courtesy bottles are in crosshairs? Meanwhile shorelines from Imperial Beach to Coronado are shuttered as millions of gallons of sewage flow daily down the Tijuana River into San Diego County. Busy shuttering small businesses lawmakers skirt real issues like the State Department failing to enforce a treaty that obligates Mexico to treat its sewage before sending it to the U.S. just nuts!

  34. Ed Cole says:

    Phahkyew, Commiefornia

  35. These lawmakers need to find better things to do with their time. So what do they need to use? Glass bottles? What happens if those glass bottles fall in the shower and shatters? Instead of this, why not give hotels incentives to recycle the bottles?

  36. John Crane says:

    So hotel guests will be forced go to the store to buy BIG bottles of the stuff (which they’ll then have to throw out once they head leave for the airport). California is so wacked out, and their “leaders” are so stupid, eventually illegal immigrants will even refuse to go there.

  37. Abriana Zinich says:

    So let’s ban all plastic, all glass, all metal, and all wood in the state of Kalifornia. THEN what are they going to distribute their pot and alcohol with? Paper?

  38. Bryan Phillips says:

    LOL! Your tax dollars at work! Sounds like some state paid official has just a little too much time on their hands. Now tourists (who bring money to the state) will have greasy hair and stinky pits. 😀

  39. Cathy M. says:

    Uhhh, California dumps their sewage in the Bay???

  40. RF Burns says:

    The lunacy continues.

  41. Stacy V. Harris says:

    Does this portend more stolen towels?

  42. Hal Slusher says:

    Imagine if you will California receives 160% of normal rain and during the 10 year drought built no reservoirs hence they decide to ban little plastic bottles.

  43. Jacob Richardson says:

    Good they should ban all shampoo and soap anyway. We should make the illegals feel at home.

  44. Could California become more of a laughing stock in this country?

  45. Charles Tomey says:

    Can we deport California?

  46. Warrior of GOD says:

    Soon they will ban everything but illegals…………

  47. Eli Toro says:

    To ban something you would have to first think that there is a huge problem with that thing. I’ve been to many, many places in California and NEVER seen a shampoo bottle of any size in the water or shoreline.

  48. Cindy Olsen says:

    The idiots in Sacramento don’t have enough to do but think up crazy things to use on the public. The Democrats are insane. Please don’t vote for another Democrat in your lifetime or you will be living in socialism//communism

  49. Melanie Lechner Taylor says:

    What will the millions of illegals do for shampoo after Trump buses them to California??

  50. John Lobenstein says:

    Why limit the ban to shampoo bottles? Just ban all Hotel/Motel rooms.

  51. Chuck Curry says:

    This as the film industry abandons sets and dumps tons of props and costumes into the waste stream…I guess hotels aren’t paying off the right people.

  52. Greg S Saunders says:

    Is there anything that the idiots in Sacramento don’t look to tax and/or regulate?

  53. Kenneth L. Baiko says:

    California’s government is out of control.

  54. ounce oflogic says:

    Californians keep electing Democrat politicians who seem to have one goal: Making life worse for [legal] Americans.

  55. Jennifer Keller Parker says:

    Pure virtue signaling!

    Fact: Bulk dispensers with shampoo or conditioners in a steamy hotel bathroom are a breeding ground for pathogens. So you will be as safe as the guy before you who used the same dispenser? No thanks.

    Soap and bottled amenities can be recycled and re-purposed for victims of natural disasters and third-world countries. Be Smart California. Not reactionary.

  56. Gee communism has come to dem run states already. Love how people are accepting being told what they can and can’t do. Including businesses. Stand up for your freedoms before they tell you when to breathe

  57. Because of Cali rule you can’t buy a faucet with decent water pressure anywhere in the US.

    1. Lynn Wood says:

      Yes, and now they are designing the faucets and shower heads so you cannot remove the flow restrictors and are further regulating the banning of old faucets and shower heads not equipped with flow restrictors, even down to the design of ball valves used for shut off valves for fixture supply lines.
      I wonder about the water pressure at say, Nancy Pelosi’s pad, or Newsom’s, just saying….

  58. Roger Gonzalez says:

    We have to start voting out these liberal Socialist democrats out of office!!! Trump Victory 2020

  59. Mike Bailey says:

    The legislators are beholden to the environmental lobby for their votes. All of their crazy ideas therefor will be acted upon. California does not have environmental problems that are any worse than any other state.

  60. Dave Hardesty says:

    Can we get the residents of CA to stop dumping their garbage and sewage in the streams, rivers, beaches, tent cities, sidewalks and alleyways where the homeless live? Say, perhaps we can get their illegal aliens who found their sanctuaries to clean it up. Nah, that ain’t gonna happen..

  61. Jake Fontaine says:

    Offer an exchange: turn in ten plastic bottles, get a plastic syringe. Let’s clean up this hellhole!