CAMPO, Calif. (CBS Local) — A group of neighbors in California say their freedoms are being limited when it comes to flying the American flag.

David Chessmore, an Army Veteran who lives at Lake Morena RV Park in East San Diego County, says new rules regarding flags are imposing on his personal liberties.

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“You have absolutely no right to inflict your will in the opposite direction that the flag stands for,” Chessmore told KGTV.

Residents recently received “Flag Rule Addendum” that said they can only fly a flag if it is attached to a recreational vehicle and the flag cannot be larger than two by three feet. In addition, management will no longer fly the American flag, according to the notice.

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“We all signed contracts to be on this property in this park and no place in this contract does it say anything about flying a flag,” said Chessmore. “People
should be allowed to.”

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Steve Valerio, the RV park manager, says the notice was issued because the park had become too cluttered and the owner did not ban anyone from flying American flags.

“He just wants one flag on the RV itself, on the rig,” said Valerio. “He’s definitely not against the flag at all.”

Chessmore says he and another neighbor are grandfathered in the new rules, but he is worried others will not see the symbol.

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“I don’t think that’s right,” said Chessmore. “These other folks are Americans too.”