SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A pedestrian was hurt and a stroller with a child was knocked over when two cars collided in San Francisco Friday morning, according to police.

The accident happened near the intersection of Claredon Avenue and Dellbrook Avenue around 9:50 a.m.

A blue Mercedes and a white American Red Cross vehicle were involved in the crash.

Miles Dittman, the driver of the blue Mercedes that was involved in the crash says a stroller with a child inside was knocked over in the accident. Dittman said he is training to be a firefighter.

“I hit the front side of the stroller, took the stroller with me. I jumped out the passenger door, because that’s the side where the baby was, saw the baby lying on the ground, picked her up and made sure its limbs were okay, carried the baby over to the mother and then we all called 911,” Dittman said.

The mother and baby girl were transported to a hospital in an abundance of caution. They suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Both drivers remained on the scene and were cooperating with the investigation.