By Kiet Do

FREMONT (CBS SF) — The occupants of five to six ramshackle tree houses built in a private industrial park near Stevenson Boulevard and I-880 in Fremont are facing eviction.

Crews equipped with chainsaws and handsaws have begun clearing out the structures and cutting off limbs in order to make it harder to reoccupy and easier to spot the homeless who are taking refuge in the trees. They are about halfway through the long line of more than 60 eucalyptus trees.

Neighboring business owners say the first tree house went up in February and started multiplying over the next three months.

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The structures vary in size, complexity and height above the ground. One is at ground level, while another is more than 30 feet up, accessible only by a ladder with sparsely-placed rungs. Each treehouse displays a fair amount of carpentry know-how, utilizing joists to support the floor below and straps to support the structure from above. It also appears the builders have access to power tools.

Marc, who identified himself as a transient but declined to give his last name, said he has been storing his belongings in one of the tree houses for about a month.

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Despite being attacked and bitten by rodents and other insects that infest the tree and inhaling fumes from a nearby wood roofing factory, he prefers the trees over the street.

“I think it’s a good idea actually, I think it’s actually something that people would benefit from if we had the right knowledge of trees,” said Marc.

While the new residents are comfortable with this roof over their heads some neighbors are not so happy. A woman named Jane who didn’t want to be identified said she works next door to one of the tree houses. She said several of the company cars have been broken into recently and she worries about her safety.

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“There’s a lot of us women who work here late … so I’m worried that I could be in danger,” she said.

Fremont police say they responded to at least one call recently at the site. The resulting action taken after that visit was not immediately clear.

Andrea Nakano contributed to this report

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  1. Don Scarborough says:

    Is this evolutionary back-tracking?

  2. Bailey Moad says:

    Did a bird just ‘hit on my head? Nope, it was a human poop bomb. California, I pray for the big one for you. Pain and suffering, yes, but you need a thorough clean out.

    1. there is something very wrong with you. you are wishing a natural disaster on everyone because you have decided they are not worthy of living? its sad to see people that think like this and spew such hate filled words. i pity you. what it must have taken to make your heart so cold….

  3. Dave Fay says:

    So now the homeless can poop, pee and drop used needles on San Fran residents.

  4. Crimes in your neighborhood? Must be the homeless in the trees…. stupid Jane is stupid.

  5. Dan Roth says:

    This is for Jane who is nervous about using her name. The tree people do not read the paper or watch the news on TV. They live in trees. Africans live in mud huts and no TV or paper and they get by. Tree people live in trees with no cable and no paper. They won’t deliver the paper to a tree anyhow. They chop them down to make paper for the paper. Is that right?

    1. Huck Klmdia says:

      Dan, Jane is probably concerned that social justice warriors will dox her for expressing politically incorrect thoughts, not that the homeless might read the paper.

  6. Borg Cube says:

    How else are they to prevent being taken by the Morlocks?

  7. Greg Shred says:

    They’ve got time to do this but cant take the time to get a job to straighten out their lives? My empathy for the homeless is at an end.

  8. Tim Allen says:

    Why is this “news”? Did this website require a filler article? It’s not very well researched, and does not convey any real information. I feel sorry for the reporter that was given the job to cover this non-news “event”. There is nothing new about people building tree houses to live, it’s not unique, unusual or really anything at all worth writing a story about. What would be more interesting is why the people who did this are homeless. Why can’t they get help? What have they tried? Where were they refused?

  9. steviewilliamsway says:

    Great idea! I’m going to start this in Sweden.

  10. California was so great until the Democrats took over. It is now a sewer.

  11. Sarah Downes says:

    Please, migrants are welcome in California !! The more the merrier !! It is a sanctuary state even for homeless !!

  12. beefrank says:

    Growing up CA, I built my tree houses in a eucalyptus and pine trees.

  13. Bob Churchill says:

    Liberalism…ain’t it grand!

  14. Dee Win says:

    “Progressive” governance at its finest.

    California devolves into mexifornia, soon to devolve into calizuela.

  15. Jack King says:

    Liberalism isn’t a political philosophy, it’s a disease. Everywhere we see Liberalism, we see homelessness, out of control taxation, squalor, Open Borders, disease, overflowing Emergency Rooms, and thousands sleeping in the streets.

  16. Charles Tomey says:

    Devolution is a big feature of the liberal agenda. Barbarians