By Juliette Goodrich

PLEASANTON (KPIX 5) – With parts of the Bay Area sizzling for a second day, the arrival of summer temperatures after the extended wet weather in May made it feel like spring skipped the region.

A cool off in the fountain seemed like a great idea Wednesday afternoon in the East Bay. It seems spring never sprung.

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For Harry Galles, who has a family-owned hillside vineyard in Pleasanton, the switch from a long, wet season diving right into summer will impact his business.

“What it means is we will harvest later in the year,” said Galles.

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Much of the work that ordinarily would have been done in late March had to wait until May due to the rain that happened over the past few months.

Galles said sufficient drip irrigation is key this time of year. When temperatures soar, grape vines shut down and go into survival mode to protect the root system.

“Hot weather is a bigger problem going into harvest season. The grapes are more vulnerable and if they aren’t fully developed, you are on the edge of making raisins,” said Galles.

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Galles explained that a late harvest is not necessarily a bad thing. It would push the grape picking back from September until possibly mid October.

Juliette Goodrich