TORONTO (CBS SF) — Fighting back tears during an emotional post-game appearance at the podium, Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers said he would take the blame for the Achilles injury Kevin Durant suffered during his brief Game 5 appearance.

Durant, who had been sidelined for several weeks since straining his right calf muscle during the Western Conference Finals against the Portland Trailblazers, returned to the court Monday night.

After getting off to a quick start in the first quarter with 11 points against the Toronto Raptors, Durant suffered yet another injury only minutes into the second period when he went down clutching at the back of his right leg towards the Achilles area. He was helped off the court back to the Warriors’ locker room and eventually left the arena on crutches.

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Myers did not speak to the severity of the injury, but from his emotional reaction and the reaction of Head Coach Steve Kerr and fellow players Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, it was clear that the injury has ended Durant’s season.

Myers said he would take the blame for the decision to play Durant.

“I don’t believe there’s anybody to blame, but I understand in this world and if you have to, you can blame me,” Myers said. “I run our basketball operations department. And to tell you something about Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant loves to play basketball, and the people that questioned whether he wanted to get back to this team were wrong.”

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Myers said that he and Durant and team officials didn’t take the decision to bring him back lightly.

“Prior to him coming back, he went through four weeks with our medical team,” Myers explained. “It was thorough with multiple experts and multiple doctors and multiple MRIs. And we felt good about the process. He was cleared to play tonight. That was a collaborative decision.”

He also defended Durant, who some had criticized for not playing during the Finals, suggesting he was still considering continuing his career elsewhere as a free agent.

“He’s one of the most misunderstood people,” Meyers said of Durant. “He’s a good teammate, he’s a good person, it’s not fair. I’m lucky to know him.”

Durant is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Tuesday. The severity of the injury will not be known until then.

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  1. David Smith says:

    I’m curious why an executive made the decision and not doctors. Any calf injury offers potential for Achilles tear because it puts an extra load on it.

    1. Dude… you didn’t even read the article did you? “Prior to him coming back, he went through four weeks with our medical team,” Myers explained. “It was thorough with multiple experts and multiple doctors and multiple MRIs. And we felt good about the process. He was cleared to play tonight. That was a collaborative decision.”

      1. We should learn to believe everything we read and not common sense. Life is full of bliss then huh?

      2. Yirmin Snipe says:

        Well the fact is if the medical staff were working for the team and not for Durant then they were going to say whatever their boss, Myers, told them to say because he was writing the checks. That’s the problem with athletes on any team, most of them blindly believe the teams medical staff when they should hire their own doctors to give them honest answers.

  2. Floyd Hatcher says:

    Ohhhhh, its ok biddy buddy. You mommy kiss it, it all be better.

  3. Christopher Levy says:

    California is getting buried in an avalanche of feces and an invasion force from the south. The state is bankrupt and housing and living costs are off the charts. The state is about to suffer another huge loss in 2020 but here we are talking about some stupid basketball player and his coach. Sad.

    1. Jay Kerouac says:

      Ditto !!

    2. tigzaca says:

      So you mean to say just because there are atrocities and hardships in the world means no one is ever allowed to talk about anything else? Did you ever consider that it’s entirely possible to keep social issues at the top of mind and engage them regularly while also engaging in topics that are more fleeting?

    3. commie cali residents have to have some sort of entertainment to numb the mind of reality of living in a sh1t hole!

  4. Jim Gravelyn says:

    Listen, this is very simple. You don’t ICE a bad calf muscle. In fact, you don’t ever ice any calf muscle. That’s just asking for something to tear. Two minutes after they showed the trainer icing Durrant’s calf, he’s back in the game and tears his achilles. What the trainer should have been doing is massaging that calf and making sure it stayed WARM.

    1. This article contradicts your assertion ( “Durant had 11 points in 12 minutes, making all three of his 3-point attempts. He started and played the first six minutes, then had the lower leg wrapped with a heating pad to keep it loose before he returned about three minutes later.”

      1. Jim Gravelyn says:

        I’m going by what the announcers said during the game. They said it was ice. And various people on ESPN today claimed it was ice. If it was not ice, then obviously everything I said is wrong and the trainer didn’t cause the achilles tear.

  5. David Moore says:

    Hmmm… Shades of the “Boobie Miles comeback” from “Saturday Night Lights”…

  6. Larz Larzen says:

    It’s ultimately Durant’s decision. Had he wanted to be careful, he could have said, “No.”.

  7. Brian Dillon says:

    This is pretty much how Daniel Snyder and Mike Shanahan ruined RG3’s career, rushing him back from a serious injury. The Rookie RG3 went down in the game that clinched the Redskins division title, and even though the Skins were playing well with Kurt Cousins leading them, Snyder and Shanahan forced RG3 back at QB in the home playoff game against Seattle, with a barely mobile RG3 getting his knee ripped apart. That was stupid, and this was stupid last night. This is a dynasty team that would have been unstoppable next year with a healthy, non-hobbled Kevin Durant.

  8. Justin Pardi says:

    Good God, Kevin is sitting on a pile of money, has championships in his pocket, and can do anything he wants. Give it a rest already. I love to play basketball too and have never made a penny at it.

  9. Rick Oringel says:

    I guess they can keep Durant from going anywhere and pay him 50 million to stay.

  10. Jesse Lozano says:

    Could have been the reason Lennard stayed out for so long withe Spurs. I don’t know, I’m just saying.

  11. Saw this on Drudge, but first on, which has more real California news.

  12. annbanisher says:

    My only beef is with the headline… “tearful Bob Meyers..”
    Watch the video again. His voice is cracking and he is sniffing, but there were no tears nor were his eyes even glassy.
    He may really care about Kevin, but…

  13. Steve Hansen says:

    This guy is the biggest Snowflake – sobbing over a torn achilles. I’ve torn my left achilles twice and never shed a tear or even thought that anyone should start bawling over my injuries.

  14. Shaquan Jamison says:

    My God. This guy is a puss.

  15. Dee Win says:

    A grown man crying over a game. Sheesh.

  16. Michael Wolfe says:

    I’m sure Kevin Durant’s lawyers are ecstatic about this statement.