SAN JOSE (KPIX) — About a dozen people attended a noontime rally in downtown San Jose to support President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election announcement.

“I think what he’s been doing in the first term is great for our country. There’s low unemployment and he’s delivered on most of his promises,” said Trump supporter Katherine Knowles.

Supporters carried signs and some wore MAGA hats. They mostly spoke quietly in a small group. There was no music, no speakers or anything else typical of a political rally.

“They’re afraid because there’s no protection for us,” said Mary Doering, who voted for Trump in 2016.

After a Trump rally at the downtown San Jose convention center in 2016, anti-Trump groups punched and
bloodied Trump supporters while they were leaving.

San Jose Police were present but did not immediately intervene in the violence.

“I’ve talked to so many people on social media who said they wanted to show up, but because of the problem we had at the last Trump rally, where people were attacked and people were injured, they weren’t going to show up,” said Jeff Stanley, who organized the rally.

At this event, police outnumbered the Trump supporters. About 20 officers monitored the group on foot and on motorcycles.

At one point, Trump supporters came over to thank them. One police captain said there were lessons learned from the last time.

“We saw things happen in the past that we can improve upon. We’ve made those adjustments. Officers understand what their orders are. We are very clear,” said Captain Jason Dwyer. “Absolutely no violent crime will tolerated. That’s our bright line. That’s the standing order.”

Dwyer said zero tolerance will be the standing order throughout the rest of the campaign season and the lead up to the 2020 election.