By Don Ford

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — In the Willow Glen district of San Jose, to help celebrate Gay Pride Month, some of the folks in the neighborhood brought out rainbow Pride flags to help people as they cross the street.

But then some of the rainbow flags disappeared.

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They are colorful, fun and serving a real purpose. Local realtor Leslie Lang says no one suspected the little Pride flags would be controversial.

“Some people are stealing the rainbow flags and then replacing them with Christian flags,” explained Lang.

When asked what a Christian flag was, she replied, “You know, I haven’t heard of them either, but it’s a flag that’s got a little cross.”

Lang said small versions of the cross flag appeared when the rainbow flags disappeared. The Christian flags have also since disappeared. Local dentist, Dr. John Pisacane said the flag fight has the neighborhood talking.

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“If someone wanted to celebrate Pride Month, I’m fine with the colored flags,” said Pisacane. “If somebody wants to celebrate other things, they should not take someone else’s flags! They should just put more of their own out!”

“So some people may say, ‘Oh, nice rainbow flag. All colorful and cheery,'” before taking the flag home, Lang said.

No one saw who took the first batch of rainbow flags. KPIX spotted a group of boys walking away with some of the new ones, but they insisted they didn’t plan to take them.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, no worries. We’re not going to swipe them. We’re not like that,” one of the boys said.

Today, another flag showed up: the Transgender flag.

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“I think we’re getting a lot of bad examples how to treat people based on, I dunno, the guy running the country,” said Lang. “Ohhh, got political there, sorry! I just think we need to treat people like how we want to be treated.”