OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A pack of six-week old grey wolf pups born at the Oakland Zoo are now officially out of their den, according to a zoo spokesperson.

First-time mother Siskiyou delivered the pups on May 13th. The pups are thriving and beginning to explore their 2.16-acre habitat with mom and dad. The curious pups also appear to be comfortable with zoo guests eager to catch a glimpse of them.

Oakland Zoo wolf pups

Oakland Zoo wolf pups (Steven Gotz)

The Oakland Zoo Animal Care and Veterinary Staff plan to perform physical exams and administer vaccinations on the pups Tuesday morning.

The grey wolf parents Siskiyou and Sequoia arrived at the Oakland Zoo in April 2018. Both were born in captivity and relocated to the Zoo’s new California Trail expansion as part of the zoo’s partnership with the California Wolf Center (CWC), an organization dedicated to helping wild wolves return to the state after being extirpated during government run anti-predator campaigns a century ago.

Unlike dogs, wolves commonly mate for life and therefore take time to develop relationships. Upon their arrival, zookeepers, volunteers and docents worked hard to ensure the animals had an ideal environment to guarantee their comfort and emotional well-being in order to increase chances they would bond and have offspring.

“We are thrilled the pups are doing well-mom and dad have been amazing first-time parents,” said Assistant Director of Animal Care, Conservation and Research Darren E. Minier, “Creating a pack is important to the emotional health of wolves. Siskiyou and Sequoia’s pups will have a forever home at Oakland Zoo with their parents.”

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