By Christin Ayers

BAY POINT (KPIX 5) — Vandals left a trail of destruction on a block in Bay Point early Wednesday morning, breaking windows with rocks and bricks and spray-painting racist messages on cars and homes.

UPDATE 8/2: Sheriff: Suspect Arrested In Bay Point Vandalism; Made To Appear As Hate Crime

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Cassius McGill told KPIX 5 she heard a crash in her home around 1:15 a.m. early Wednesday morning. When she came downstairs, she discovered a window had been shattered by a large rock. The vandals had also spray-painted a trailer in her driveway with the “N-word,” covered her car in spray-paint and scrawled what she believes is a crudely-drawn swastika.

A van is riddled with graffiti (CBS)

McGill said her house wasn’t the only one vandalized.

“We realized all three of the only African American people in this cul-de-sac have been targeted and attacked,” she said.

Her neighbor, Bennie Addison, said around the same time early in the morning, his son told him someone had hurled a brick through his window. He also discovered that his garage was spray-painted.

“This is a nice block,” said Addison. “We’ve never had any disturbances on this block at all.”

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In a text message, Contra Costa County Sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Lee told KPIX 5 the department is investigating, but the case is “being looked at as felony vandalism.” He added, “We do take these incidents seriously and will investigate thoroughly.”

McGill said she couldn’t believe authorities are not treating the case as a hate crime.

“They’re trying to wash it down and water it down,” she said. “If this isn’t a hate crime, I don’t know what is.”

But not all of her neighbors agree. Addison said he suspected the vandal was a disgruntled neighbor who used the racial slur as a red herring.

“I just think it’s something more to it,” he said. “I think it’s more of a personal matter.”

McGill said the incident has left her and her three children shaken up and wondering if they are safe in their own neighborhood.

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“We’re uncomfortable in our own homes now,” she said. “We’re insecure where we should be secure.”