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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Here’s 3-year-old Nala is on the right and 1-year-old Tequila is on the left.

Both were the cutest little mutts that we adopted from the SFSPCA. When I discovered Nala in 2016 she was lying on her back in her little bed. Her puppy tummy was so big she had a hard time rolling over.

It was the cutest thing to see her swaying to the right and left, until finally, she successfully rolled upright.

We had to have her! She loves people and other dogs, but once you whip out the ball, forget it! She also loves swimming!

Nala needed some company, so two years later we adopted Tequila. Nala has been showing her the ropes, and big sister love ever since. She also taught “Tikis” to swim 🙂