PITTSBURG (KPIX 5) – An East Bay rescue group is searching for a home for a unique pet that has a great lesson to teach about being resilient.

Elea Sutter and her daughter Isabella brought their foster dog Flummdiddle out for a romp to Castro Valley’s Memorial Park which sounds like it could be a problem…because the dog was born without front legs.

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“We got her at 3 weeks old,” said Sutter.  “The breeder didn’t know what to do with her so they were looking for anybody to take her.”

But a walk in the park is no problem at all because who needs legs when you have wheels.  The 18-month-old Shi Tsu mix has been outfitted with a front-end wheel chair and doesn’t seem to even realize she’s different at all.

“Flummadiddle, she’s around animals all day, every day, that have 4 legs and she doesn’t notice…they don’t notice,” Sutter said.

The dog was saved by a Pittsburg-based group called Umbrella of Hope that seeks out aging, disabled or overly-shy animals that are difficult to place.

“A lot of rescue groups, while they’re still doing wonderful work, they’re often seeking animals that can get adopted quickly,” explained volunteer Natalie Amaya.  “And so, our founders saw a need for the animals that needed an extra hand.”

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After rescuing an animal, volunteers look for a home with a human experiencing a similar challenge.  A dog that was chemically burned by an abusive owner was placed with a young burn patient in Alameda.  Another dog that lost a leg to a car found a happy home with an amputee companion.  They say it helps to have someone who understands what the other is going through.

“I think the humans often get more inspiration from the dogs,” said Amaya.  “The dogs usually have no idea that there’s anything different about them.”

That’s certainly true of “Flummy.”  Her shortage of legs is overcome by an indomitable spirit.  In fact, her foster keepers say there are few things she CAN’T do.

“She can’t jump up on the couch,” Sutter said.  “That may be a plus to some people, right?” she was asked.  “It should be, yeah,” she said with a laugh.

They’re hoping to place Flummy with someone experiencing a similar “limb difference” and because she’s otherwise perfectly healthy they don’t expect her to have any special medical needs…other than the occasional tire change.

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If you know someone who might be a good fit for Flummdiddle or any of the other dogs they have up for adoption, you can contact Umbrella of Hope.  Click on www.beourpet.org