HAYWARD (CBS SF) — Police searched for three suspects Friday following a shooting at a Hayward Park that left one man wounded and sent a youth football team scrambling for cover.

Investigators said the shooting took place near the restrooms at crowded Sorensdale Park — located in a quiet Hayward neighborhood — at around 6:14 p.m. Thursday. Nearby, park visitors were strolling, a youth football team and cheer squad were practicing.

Sound of the gunfire sent people scrambling in all direction for safety.

“It’s just a sad thing to have to teach my kid, or my young teenager now, that things happen around us to just duck and cover,” said Adelaida Caballaro, who was in a nearby parking lot while her son practiced with his teammates.

Caballaro’s 13-year-old son is a member of the Hayward Lancers. He called her on his cell phone moments after the shots rang out and she headed toward the practice field.

“I see people running and going on so I quickly took (cell phone) footage, but I didn’t know why he was calling me,” she said. “And then it turns out that the shooting was happening right there.”

Caballaro said the shooting left her son and his teammates pretty shook up.

“Several of the kids were saying that they were scared because of what happened, they didn’t want to come back,” she said. “And even though we have no control of what happens around us, but it’s just a frightening thing overall.”

Investigators said a man was hit by a single bullet and taken to Eden Hospital where he is listed in stable conditions. Several witnesses told police they saw three men running from the area of the shooting.

No description of the suspects has been released and no one has been arrested.