OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A 31-year-old German man has been arrested for traveling to the Bay Area and luring an underage girl who he met online into illegal sexual activity, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

U.S. Attorney David L. Anderson said Adam Soboll has been charged with traveling with the intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct.

According to the complaint, Soboll met the then-14-year-old minor online in October 2018, and communicated with the minor from Germany using Snapchat and online gaming platforms, as well as over other messaging applications.

In January 2019, Soboll began discussing the possibility of visiting the minor in Brentwood. He and the minor discussed where he should stay in the area and the various forms of sexual conduct in which they would engage when he arrived.

On July 31, Soboll traveled from Europe to the United States. He stayed at a hotel in Brentwood and engaged in sexual conduct with the minor at the hotel. On August 25 police responded to the hotel following a report from the minor’s mother and arrested Soboll.

If convicted, Soboll faces a maximum statutory sentence of 30 years.