SACRAMENTO (KPIX) – Add Sacramento State University to the list of schools that accidentally sent out welcome letters to college applicants before final admission decisions were reached.

Some 3,500 waitlisted students received an email that opened with ‘Congratulations,’ and invited them to the Sacramento State’s ‘Admitted Students Day.’

“We typically accept students from the waitlist every year,” Director of Admissions Brian Henley told the Sacramento Bee. “We wanted to make sure to accommodate them, and many if not all, would have been offered admission.”

Despite the error, the university made good on their invitation and did not rescind the acceptance offers. School officials estimate the error resulted in the admission of 500 more students this Fall.

In 2018, the University of California at Berkeley wasn’t nearly as repentant when the Admissions Office ‘inadvertently’ sent emails to ‘a small group’ of students, welcoming them to university. In UC’s case, the error was followed up by an apology, but students were told the decisions were not final and decisions would be announced in the following days.