By Don Ford

PLEASANTON (KPIX 5) — Police are warning drivers in Pleasanton watch out for deer that can jump out into the middle of the road and cause serious damage to your car.

Foothill Boulevard is one of the hot spots for deer being hit. In the past week alone, three have already been hit.

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Pleasanton Animal Control Officer Frankie Ayers says they have responded to the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Sunol Boulevard nearly every day for the last couple weeks to accidents involving deer.

“The month and a half we will see more deer hit by cars than we do the entire rest of the year combined,” said Ayers.

It’s the beginning of deer mating season. Bucks are running around looking for does and often pay no attention to cars. Officer Ryan Tujague warns drivers must be careful.

“Deer are unpredictable. They can jump out in front of you,” said Tujague. “You never know where they are going to jump, right? They can jump in front of you or go back into the woods. So just slow down go by them very carefully.”

Don Johnson drives Foothill Boulevard every day. He said he has had several encounters

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“In the car? Yeah! Yeah, even when I’m on my mountain bike!” said Johnson.

The deer are even harder to see at night. Often when there’s one, there are more close by.

Sean Andrade works for B&S Auto Body. He says the shop has been busy.

“It’s not the cute little deer that you think,” said Andrade. “It’s actually going to destroy your car. I’ve totaled out countless cars that have hit deer. It’s very dangerous with them on the road and this is mating season right now. They’re going to be out in droves.”

Many cars are getting damaged, but the impact is also killing a lot of the deer involved.

“This morning, a buck was struck on Sunol in the early morning hours. He did not make it,” said Ayers.

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Pleasanton police urge locals to be alert and drive the speed limit to protect both yourself and the animals.