SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — San Jose police confirmed Wednesday they’re searching for at least four suspects who grabbed laptops from at least two unsuspecting victims while they sat at a bakery.

A Bay Area man, who only wanted to be identified as Jason, told KPIX 5 he was one of the two victims Tuesday night at the Paris Baguette on Hostetter Road around 6 p.m.

“I didn’t realize what they were doing until they grabbed my laptop and ran away real fast,” Jason said.

In surveillance video obtained through Jason, four suspects are seen walking in to the store; two of them wear hoodies and one covers their face.

In less than ten seconds, the thieves grab two Apple laptops worth thousands of dollars before running out to a van that was waiting for them just steps from the entrance of Paris Baguette, which is located at the end of the Pacific Rim Plaza.

But both victims don’t just sit there as the thieves run out. In fact, they run after the group.

However, one female suspect is caught on surveillance camera pushing down the female victim. Jason continues to chase after them and was able to get an Oregon license plate number on the Dodge Caravan, he said was the getaway vehicle.

KPIX 5 is choosing not to release it until robbery detectives confirm the plate number.

“The moment I was running, I’m thinking, ‘What if they have a weapon?’” said Jason.

He believes the suspects cased the store beforehand and took advantage of its floor to wall windows to scope out their victims.

“I probably won’t visit this plaza anymore,” Jason said.